Our 2021 Love Discovery Blog Recap: All the Convos We Had Last Year

A Post-it that says “2021 review” in this 2021 Love Discovery blog recap

It’s time for our year in review! Here are all the insightful topics we talked about in 2021 with links so you can catch up on any convos you missed.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already a month into 2022. Last year flew by, despite our challenging circumstances as a collective – proof that time does, in fact, still fly even if you are not having fun. With pressure from the pandemic mounting, mental health and wellness became an even more crucial conversation.

Love Discovery was host to a variety of important discussions this past year, covering a broad range of topics on our blog. From learning about attachment styles to mismatched libidos and what to do if you can’t orgasm to talking about how discernment counseling can help you make healthy decisions in relationships, Love Discovery took to our blog to sound off and provide answers to questions that our clients commonly have for us.

To make it easy to find answers, we put together a roundup in case you missed anything. Take a minute or an hour to gain valuable insight into human nature and relationship/individual issues. Check it out below!

Helpful Couples Therapy posts

Couples therapy is, as the name suggests, therapy between you and your partner. The objectives of it may vary depending on what your goals are and the reasons you and your partner are seeking guidance. Some common reasons for seeking out couples therapy include affair recovery, challenges with intimacy, and improving communication.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until your relationship is in crisis mode to attend couples therapy. Healthy relationships require healthy communication. Couples counseling can allow you and your partner to improve your communication and build resilience together.