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We're looking for highly skilled therapists who want to be a part of our team.  

Love Discovery Institute Logo

The Love Discovery Vision

We are a unique specialty wellness center providing the highest level of couples therapy and individual care focusing on cognitive, emotional and sexual wellness to our surrounding communities. 


Core Values

Trustworthiness and Transparency:

The ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.


Our clinicians will not only be held accountable by their clients and teammates, but are expected to hold themselves accountable.

Support and Growth:

We support one another in our growth as a team. 


We require our clinician’s to challenge themselves, thus resulting in new levels of development. 


To promote growth, we must nurture what we love. 


We believe it takes a village to grow, heal, change, strengthen, and expand the Institute's vision.



From a clinical perspective, most therapists eventually come to understand the various levels of care available to clients. Agency work and insurance-based practices continue to reduce the level of quality care. While much of this work offers a paycheck and serves as a valuable asset to our communities, it robs clinicians from their professional development and personal growth opportunities. Both clients and therapist eventually come to see that this type of work lacks depth and the quality that the field and our clients desire.


We believe that if change needs to happen, we need to actively be a part of creating the change. If we are to sit on the other side of the sofa and inspire change, we too must be prepared to find autonomy and demand for a higher level of care. Our field has been riddled by poorly run operations and insurance-driven clinics that continue to lower the bar. This has left therapist and clients trading in the true cost of their wellness to others who define treatment. Given this unfortunate reality, we felt obligated to allow our clients a say in their treatment. As therapists, we also felt compelled to let our therapist to get creative in their work.


Together, clients and our therapist have contributed to mission and have decided to raise the bar. Our clients expect us to help them and continue to listen to them. This has allowed us to grow and create opportunities for motivated therapist to join our team. We provide our clinicians with a brand that is trusted and well. We're always growing, innovating, and improving - We want you to be a part of that!


All clinicians at LDI work with adults (individuals and couples) from an inclusive and strengths-based perspective. Our clinicians specialize in at least one unique area or are in pursuit of specialization in various types of therapies. We do not offer medical health services or prescribe medication.


LDI is LGBTQ+ affirmative, culturally sensitive, and our team members are in perpetual examination of the self, the team collectively, and our work with clients. We want clinicians who can stand behind our vision, promote our mission, and take pride in their efforts to grow within. We want clinicians who feel this is where they belong and are not out looking for the next best thing. We want professional clinicians who are real and want to work for a company that cares. 


If you're looking for a job where you can live like a millionaire but work like a five-year-old, please don't apply here. 
You will be disappointed. 

Compensation, Training, and Support

  • Let’s talk about MONEY and BENEFITS!  Our clinicians work on a highly competitive, tiered payscale.  Meaning, the more hours, experience, certifications, and schooling you acquire the more money you can potentially make.

    • W-2 Position with all expenses covered.

    • Competitive salary with scalable opportunities to earn more though clinical growth and hours.

    • Following a ramp-up period to secure a sustainable and desirable caseload, most of our clinicians enjoy a very flexible work-life schedule.

    • The Company creates nurturing environments for employees and our clients. You will have the opportunity to work from one of our beautiful clinics.

    • Employees are eligible to participate in the Company's 401K plan. The Company matches 100% of employee contributions up to the first 3% deferred, and then 50% of contributions on the next 2% deferred.

    • After the first year, full time (20+ hours average weekly) clinicians team members get access to an annual $500 Professional Development or Wellness Stipend.

    • Some of our offices include access to the building's health club/gyms.

    • We are a private-pay practice, so no there is no insurance billing or third-parties controlling care. This significantly reduces extensive notes and documentation. 

  • We have an onboarding and training program that supports you through your first 90 days of employment.  You will have the great opportunity to receive training developed by Dr. Carolina Pataky, an expert relationship therapist. 

    • Regular group consultation and collaboration

    • Regular individual and group supervision


  • Our Office Manager/Client Care Coordinators couldn't be more supportive. We have the best of the best working behind the scenes so you can be successful as a clinician.  Show your passion and you will be rewarded.  

    • Minimal administrative tasks with full administrative support

    • Friendly and flexible work environment that offers in person and video sessions


We do things for our clinicians that we don't have to do, but we want to because we care.

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