How to Rewire a Sexless Marriage

A comfortable, smiling couple sits on porch steps with cups of coffee, happy that they learned how to nurture a sexless marriage

A drop in marital intimacy is normal but it doesn’t have to be permanent. There are many ways to nurture a sexless marriage for greater intimacy.

Key takeaways:

  • A decrease in sex happens to most marriages at some point.

  • Many factors, such as medication, lack of sleep, poor body image, and injury, can affect sex in a marriage.

  • Couples can remedy a drop in sexual frequency in many ways, including open communication and sex and couples therapy.

Love is a mysterious and enchanting thing. Many types of love exist in all the different relationships people experience in their lives, from parents and siblings to romantic relationships. Each bond has its ebbs and flows, and while love doesn’t always fade, physical intimacy can.

Romantic connections can be the hardest to maintain for many people. Intimacy can wane when relationships fall into harmful patterns and couples begin to distance themselves emotionally and physically.

A failing sex life isn’t always indicative of a collapsing marriage, however. Life changes throughout the years can cause intimacy to drop. Children, career changes, illness, and aging are common issues that affect sex drive, but diligent couples can overcome them.

Occasionally, a lack of sex signals deeper marital problems, such as infidelity and trust issues. Even these more serious concerns can be tackled and overcome with the right tools to produce a higher level of intimacy.

This guide will walk you through practical ways for couples to address a lack of sex in their marriages and get their love lives back on track.

Communication is vital

Open and honest communication between marital partners is a must. Sharing your life with someone requires trust, and direct communication is an easy way to accomplish that. Gently discussing a lack of intimacy brings the issue to the forefront where couples can deal with it.

Sex and intimacy are closely linked but not the same thing. Interest in sex can decrease with age but most people still crave intimacy throughout their lives. A lack of sex may not be a problem in a marriage if the intimacy levels are still satisfactory. Talking about it is the only way to know.