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A New Level of Relationship Care

Couples sessions are designed to address your unique love story customized to the couples needs and goals. Through a series of couples sessions, you will gain unprecedented insight into your relationship and deepen your understanding of your relationship.  By exploring the subtleties that have defined your past story, as a couple you are able break-free from limiting relationship beliefs and/or self destructive relationship patterns. This new awareness provides a superior power of discernment, and allows you to recreate a fulfilling life and relationship story. 


Whether you are married, facing a break-up, separation, infidelity, in a relationship or simply just want more from the human experience, our team will help you develop individual and relationship awareness and teach you how to approach meaningful connections. Our Wellness Team provides you with awareness and insight about how to completely transform your level of intimacy and authenticity as you evolve as a couple. 



  • Preventative & Pre-Marital

  • Marital & Couples Therapy

  • Infidelity & Affair Recovery

  • Divorce & Discernment Counseling

  • Communication Problems

  • Infertility Support

  • Sexless Marriages and Intimacy