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Affair and Infidelity Recovery | Miami | Love Discovery Institute

Affair and Infidelity Recovery

Rebuilding After an Affair

Couples who face a betrayal are usually left with two choices, either to leave or to stay. Both decisions can be painful and uncomfortable. When faced with these decisions, most couples manage these decisions irrationally and from a place of pain. Don't let these abrupt decisions prevent you from a potentially rewarding healing process. Most couples who undergo couples therapy significantly improve their relationships after an affair.    

Affair Recovery Therapy  

An affair is an uncommitted, emotionally involved or romantic relationship between two individuals while one of them is already in a committed relationship. Affairs can happen with or without sexual intercourse. Traditionally, affairs are seen as the sexual relationships that are materializing behind a partner’s knowledge. More prevalent however are the non-sexual affairs that couples often face.

A key factor of having an affair is the betrayal of trust that occurs within the committed relationship. The term “adultery” is usually reserved for married couples, while “infidelity” is used when civil unions, same-sex couples, or long-term committed relationships are affected.  There are many other ways to refer to an affair and all affairs can vary in scope and severity. 

Defining what an affair is and what it is not should be discussed early on with a partner. Some partners feel that the boundaries are only crossed when some sort of sexual act occurs, while others can feel betrayed when the dynamics with the new attractive hire at work feel a bit too uncomfortable. Secret texts, flirtations, coffee breaks, and work lunches can all constitute affairs in the eyes of a partner. Although nothing may be occurring, intuition may drive us towards feeling that a partner may be drifting away from the relationship. Others may feel suspicious or feel threatened that at some point, a rift with irreversible consequences may endanger their bubble. Whether an affair is taking place or not, the worry and distress can be deeply destabilizing and very disconnecting

Research shows that couples come out stronger after they process and heal from an affair. 

Affairs are symptoms of the underlying components of a relationship which couples have not yet known how to address.

Affair Recovery & Discernment Therapy | Miami, Gables & Miami Beach | Love Discovery Institute

Healing Your Marriage or Relationship After an Affair or Infidelity

Healing from infidelity, individuals can feel an overwhelming sense of emotional pain. The very unearthing of a betrayal that may have come after a confession or a discovery can feel nauseating and surreal. But whether a partner finally confessed or was caught, the feeling is almost always the same: shock, anger, fear, resentment, disbelief, emptiness, or even confusion. At this stage, individuals may also question where they may have gone wrong. Some may also wonder what did or did not happen and what could have possibly pushed their partner to seek someone else. Others may feel that everything about the marriage has been a lie.

After an affair, it is also normal to feel that the entire world has come crashing down, and life has now come to a complete halt. If you and your relationship have suffered a fracture, consider the help of a neutral but supportive therapist who may be able to help guide you first, your initial shock and the delicate process ahead. 

Start your Healing Process: 

Our relationship therapist will help you through this painful and emotional fracture to begin your path to recovery. Through individual and couple therapy, we can help you deal with anger, frustration, and anxiety.  We can also help you improve couple communication and assess underlying issues within your marriage.  Furthermore, we will evaluate your sexual and emotional life, learn how to meet your partner's sexual and emotional needs, and build intimacy and transparency in your home.  Infidelity doesn't have to destroy the marriage or your relationship. Let us help you heal and rebuild your home.

We understand that this is a very difficult phase, but we strongly recommend expert care during this very sensitive phase of your relationship. Not all therapists are trained to handle the delicate process of an affair. If you have any questions or need support, please call 305-605-LOVE or book an appointment with one of our therapists who focus on affair recovery. 

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