You're Talking but Is Your Partner Listening?

A couple sits smiling on a couch holding hands while improving their communication technique at couples therapy to help their relationship grow

10 communication strategies to help your relationship grow

Key takeaways:

  • Communication is essential for happy, healthy relationships.

  • You need to be willing to be uncomfortable and face hard topics if you want your relationship to grow.

  • Learn how to use “I” statements.

  • Practice active listening so your partner feels heard.

  • Think about your partner's needs.

  • Be respectful even when you are disagreeing.

  • Put away the distractions and be present for your partner.

  • Set aside time for communicating.

  • Consider couples therapy to help your relationship grow.

Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy, happy relationship. Effective communication goes far beyond just asking your partner about their day or making small talk; you need to dig deeper to find growth.

Learning to truly listen and understand will make your partner feel heard. People who don't feel heard, feel isolated and misunderstood. They feel alone even though they are in a relationship. These negative feelings can lead to arguments or cause the communication in the relationship to shut down completely.

Poor communication degrades the quality of your relationship. It can ruin the connection between you and your partner and potentially even end your relationship. You need to be proactive about effective communication if you want your relationship to thrive and your connection with your partner to become closer and more intimate.

Everyone has their own communication style and to help your relationship grow, you need to understand both your and your partner's styles. This guide goes over some key tips you can use to improve communication in your relationship.

1. Let yourself be uncomfortable