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We are LGBTQ+ Friendly

We Hear and Understand You

Getting comfortable, finding love, feeling accepted, and dealing with relationship concerns is something everyone deserves to be supported with.  This becomes a whole lot easier when someone understands you.

LGBTQ Friendly Therapists

When society remains hostile for certain groups of people, the additional stressors of discrimination increase the rates of mental health disorders and distress. This can be seen in gender-diverse and sexual minority people. Although society has made advancements towards equality for these people, more work needs to be done. At the Love Discovery Institute we don’t offer Conversion Therapy services. We accept all gender-diverse and sexual minority clients for who they are and the experiences that bring them to us. We emphasize building a collaborative relationship that affirms the complexities of your identities. 


One step that we can help with is the coming out process. Contrary to popular belief, coming out is a continuous process. This can be especially anxiety-provoking and requires trust and vulnerability on the part of the person coming out. We can work on identifying when and who might be cathartic to come out to while balancing safety concerns, all at your pace.  


Coming out requires knowing what you’re coming out about, but for many people that can be unclear. Gender and sexuality can be quite fluid, and for some there aren’t specific labels that aren’t sufficient. Different terms can mean different things for different people. For some the word “queer” is a slur, whereas for other “queer” is a freeing word to identify with. The process of self-discovery is something a well-trained, LGBTQ friendly therapist can assist with.


Another potential area of difficulty is navigating relationships. Given previous areas of concerns, many sexual minority and gender-diverse people have additional barriers to finding meaningful intimate connections. Having a smaller dating pool can make it easier for many to accept not so healthy relationships. It also can make identifying warning signs in toxic relationships harder to spot. Self-blame and internalized self-hatred may predispose some people to expect having a more difficult life, or make them believe that they deserve a more difficult life. Challenging and moving past these beliefs is necessary in order to make meaning in the face of adversity and to create a life that is worth living. 


Though many potential difficulties are unique to sexual minority and gender-diverse people, there are many commonalities. Your sexual orientation may not have an impact on the other psychological concerns you may have, and you may not be coming to therapy to work on gender or sexuality-based issues. At the Love Discovery Institute, we will work with you where you are at. You are empowered to lead sessions as you see fit and to identify what destinations are best for you on this therapeutic journey with us.