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Miami, Coral Gables, Brickell & Miami Beach
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Getting comfortable, finding love, feeling accepted, and dealing with relationship concerns is something everyone deserves to be supported with. This becomes a whole lot easier when someone understands you.

Inclusive Therapy for LGBTQ+ Well-Being

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Step into a space of compassion and understanding. It's your time to embrace your identity, nurture love, and cultivate acceptance in an environment where every aspect of you is acknowledged and celebrated

How Love Discovery Institute Can Help

We understand the complexities of navigating sexual orientation, gender identity, and societal pressures. Our comprehensive approach offers support across the spectrum of identity, providing mental health resources for individual, couples, and family therapy that affirm and validate the LGBTQ+ experience. 

Individual Empowerment

Facilitating confidential introspection and identity affirmation, providing support against discrimination and validating personal identity.

Relationship Building

Providing communication enhancement for couples and stronger bond development amidst societal challenges. 

Family and Youth Advocacy

Offering acceptance and dialogue facilitation in family settings and guidance for young LGBTQ+ individuals on self-acceptance and anti-bullying. 

Navigating the Spectrum of Identity

Support for individuals, couples, families and minors.