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Information Regarding the Rates for Psychotherapy  

Cost Differences

The quality and experience of the therapist, is highly dependent on the work they've done on themselves, their life experiences, as well as their education and expertise. Our Wellness Team team attempt to work with varying degrees of clients, they may refer if they feel others may be more qualified to help in your particular case. As well, even the most qualified therapist may not be for you. Don't be afraid of opening yourself to explore the type of process and cost you are comfortable with. This is your process. 

Rates for therapy

Thank you for you interest in working with us. Hourly rates vary between practitioners, but our some of our team works on a sliding scale fee. Feel free to call us at 305-605-LOVE so we can explore if you can qualify for a reduced rate.

Financing Available for Those Needing Therapy Now.

When we face unexpected or distressing events, the additional worry about paying for a service usually adds to our difficulties. We've removed this stressor for you and now provide finance options to help you manage through life's most difficult challenges. 

• Allows you to receive care now and finance the rest over 12 or 18 months. 

• A solution for those needing immediate care (high conflict, affairs, divorce, high anxiety, premarital, loss, grief, etc.)
• Does not use your current funds or credit card limits 

• 100% Approval

• No Credit Check

• Rebuild Credit Score

• Easy to Use Software/Portal

Payment Methods

All major credit cards are accepted for payment. Sessions are billed the day of your session.  


We only offer specialized treatment options and do not take In-Network insurance. Your plan however may still cover Out-of-Network providers and may cover some costs. Please check with your insurance company for specific details regarding your plan. Many PPO plans will cover between 30-75% of fees. If they do, our system will automatically generate a Superbill around the 10th of the following month after services have been rendered. You could then submit this Superbill to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.


To learn more about how and why we operate outside of the In-Network model, please visit our dedicated insurance page. This may individuals better understand how insurances often limit treatment options and can affect your therapeutic process and privacy.   

Cancellation Policy 

Individuals failing to show up for their scheduled appointment without at least a 24 hours in advance notice of cancelled will be required to pay up thefull cost of the treatment as booked. Schedule is often tight and is awarded to the individuals booking the service. Often times, we may have to turn away other callers or customers due to the scheduling conflicts. For this reason, we maintain a very strict policy to cancellations which are not canceled on time. If you are an existing client needing to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you may do so by calling 305-605-LOVE or visiting your online portal

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