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New Relationship Therapy & Premarital Counseling

Developing a conscious relationship takes learning a new relationship perspective. Couples who work on their relationship first, set forth a precedent which entails an unbreakable bond, support, and nurturance. 

Learn about therapy for New Couples and Premarital Counseling

Building a solid connection during the early phase of a relationship can greatly improve the chances of a lasting coupling. Unfortunately many couples enter a relationship or even a marriage without creating a fundamental understanding of how the relationship functions or addresses their problems effectively. 


The early phase of a relationship can be exciting and highly rewarding. During the first 6-months of a relationship, most couples enjoy getting to know each other, spending time, and feeling very connected. Couples often find shared values, meaning, and hope for what they may see in their future. Finding support, companionship, and love can feel incredibly good to us. For one, neurotransmitters in our brain are highly-active during this phase. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other neurotransmitters are helping us bond and get closer. On the other end, relational dynamics developed way before we ever met our partner are governing how we accept and reject love and closeness. 


From a relational perspective, our interactions with others can be complex. New relationships or those entering a marriage often come to realize that their relationship may need a stronger foundation. Couples may find some topics difficult to talk about. They may not know how to communicate their needs or know how to properly negotiate their differences in healthier ways. If effectively managing and resolve conflict seems difficult at this stage, most couples experience a deterioration of respect, trust, and commitment in the months or years to follow. 


In addition to their communication problems, new couples often fail to ask the right questions or learn how to establish a better understanding of what they are engaged in. The depth and care for the relationship is still underdeveloped and aspects that lead to clashes, may be driven by each of their own perspectives, belief, or values. While differences in viewpoints are normal and completely expected, many couples find alignment difficult. This is where couples therapy or premarital counseling can help them gain a valuable understanding into their own relational dynamics and how it may be affecting their current relationship. 

Creating a solid foundation early on in the relationship is a great way to protect it and prevent it from failing. 

Improve communication and learn to hold space for each other effectively. 

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