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Communication Problems

Learning  how to bridge the gap and solve communication problems will create a safe space to discuss and share your world.

The number one problem facing couples is in their communication style. Couples who can learn to improve in this area can get through 90% of their relational conflicts.

Couples Dealing with Communication Problems

"We can't communicate with each other" is probably the number one complaint of most couples experience in a relationship. When they finally decide to enter couples therapy, at least one and often both individuals have reached the tipping point. They may have reached their limit of how many relationship disagreements they can handle. Also, they may have acknowledged that the relationship will not be able to move forward without support. The underlying issue can be about many different things, including parenting, sex, money, values, or priorities. However, the result is generally the same — tense, frustrating moments for both individuals. Many couples don't even remember what half the fights are about. They feel like communicating with their partner seems impossible or even toxic at times. 

Studies show that nearly 70% of relationships end because couples of communication problems. 

By learning some essential communication skills, most couples quickly and dramatically improve their chances of staying together.

Solve Communication Problems | Miami | Love Discovery Institute

Communicate to Build Intimacy:

Learning how to communicate about deeper concerns is an essential component of building relational trust and intimacy. When individuals in a relationship can freely express their thoughts, feelings, and desires in a non-judgmental space, they let the other partner into their inner world. When the other partner can listen and provide the necessary space for their partner, they can create intimacy even when they can't agree. Partners often get upset when the other partner disagrees. However, the key to an effective connection does not depend on the matter but rather on how they share and receive information. Communication is essentially the medium for seeing, talking, and understanding each other. When couples learn how to create a bridge, they extend their hearts and make a space to feel heard, seen, and validated.

Effective communication between partners is typically considered a necessary aspect of a healthy and loving relationship. When communication problems occur in relationships, our team of trained experts can help. Our therapists will address the issues and assist you in exploring any underlying causes. They will also teach you tools to navigate pressing issues and feel closer to one another.

Are you Ready To Start Improving Your Communication?

If you and your partner are struggling with your communication, don't wait for your relationship to continue to deteriorate further. Start improving the quality of your relationship today by booking an appointment with one of our expert therapists or give us a call 305-605-LOVE.

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