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Sexless Marriages
and Relationships

Establish or rekindle the sexual connection you and your partner deserve. 

The underlying dilemma behind many marriages and relationships. These dynamics can foster feelings of rejection, resentment, frustration, loneliness, and ultimately, an emotional disconnect which can have devastating consequences.

Sexless Marriages and Relationships

Many partners who fail to address their sex lives may significantly diminish their ability to sexually connect at all. As the physical distance increases, so does the probability that a connection will be resentment, rejection, anger, and frustration. Relationships can become sexless for a variety of reasons. For some, a romantic partner or spouse starts to feel more like a roommate as people fall into routines. Other relationships can become sexless due to discrepancies in needs. One partner could want more physical intimacy than the other.


This mismatch can lead to feelings of resentment and emotional distancing, and over time, can lead to separateness from each other's emotional and sexual worlds. Couples may stop spending time together and emotionally disconnect leading to a relational and physical deterioration. Other factors that can lead to either of these two patterns include stress, life transitions, trauma, betrayal, and conflict avoidance. Other couples may carry with them previous memories, feelings, or events that may contribute to a lack of physical connection. At a deeper level, some may view their partners symbolically maternal or paternal which may inhibit sexual freedom, desire, and connection. Other couples never quite learned the tools to talk about sex or give in to the experience. 


Sexual intimacy can be an essential part of a romantic relationship. Learning to talk about, understand, express, and create it keeps the relationship alive and allows it to flourish. In this work, sex therapists assist the couple in creating the bridge to erotic connection. Our team of experts is trained in helping couples talk about sex and the issues that are getting in the way of sexual intimacy such as conflict, fears, and an emotional disconnect in a safe non-judgmental space.


When the couples find themselves stuck in a pattern:


Person with larger physical intimacy needs: 

  • Pushes and demands sex.

  • May carry large expectations from their partner.

  • Feels rejected, becomes angry, frustrated, resentful, and feels isolated. 

  • Blames and pressures. 


Person with lesser physical intimacy needs: 

  • Avoids and affection, touch, or physical aspects of the relationship 

  • Self blames. 

  • Feels guilty. 

  • Shuts down and distances.

After some time, couples can find themselves feeling like they are living in a dead bedroom. 

Behind closed doors, couples can find themselves unheard and undesired. Learn how to bring the passion back.

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Start Your Sexless Relationship Recovery Process:

Once we reach the root of the problem, our trained experts will suggest possible solutions to treat the disconnect. As these elements are unearthed, solutions to romantic and erotic aspects of your relationship are explored and anecdotes for each are encouraged and placed into action. You and your partner may be given exercises to incorporate into your relationship. By practicing the given exercises, you will notice your sex life slowly improve. 


Depending on the partner's ability to explore and be open to the process, rekindling or sparking a sexual component to the relationship can vary in time. When both partners agree and can commit to change, the connection will begin to improve. We understand that every relationship is different. We offer personalized care that looks at the unique needs and dynamics of your relationship. If you and your partner are ready to explore why you’ve disconnected and how you can re-establish or develop a more meaningful sexual connection, let’s create a plan to make sex an important aspect of your relationship. Contact us at 305-605-LOVE or book us online to get started.

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