You're Way More Than Your Past Trauma

You're Way More Than Your Past Trauma

This horrific thing happened to you. And now what? Questions are swirling through your mindframe. Or maybe instead you're trying to shut it down, pretending like it never happened. That's okay too. That's our brains going into survival mode, protecting itself from the foul and possibly seductive experience of sexual abuse and assault.

Having to survive is incredibly adaptive, but it's not healthy to live that way forever.

If you've experienced a trauma then some of the common perceptions can include the following:

"The world isn't a safe place"

"My body equates to my value."

"It was my fault. I didn't do __X__ enough, Or had I just done __X__ this never would have happened."

"Pain must equal."

"Love is supposed to hurt."

"I'm not strong. There's something wrong with me if I can't just get over with."

These are simply not true. But unfortunately with trauma, typically there's shame associated with the experience. Shame that somehow it was our fault, or we asked for it, or because it felt good in the moment we wanted it... These beliefs are also untrue.

In addition to our brains going into survival mode, so do our bodies. Our bodies store the trauma. Our brains, again to survive, send cortisol (stress hormones) to our bodies to alert that danger is happening. We move into fight/flight/freeze mode. While this is completely APPROPRIATE & AMAZING in the moment, the downside is that our brains and bodies do not completely shut off from the survival mode following the trauma.

So even though the traumatic incident is over, certain sounds, smells, and even places trigger a fight or flight response. We might even notice an increase in irritability or fear showing up during certain times of the year. These are called trauma reminders. Again, our brains are trying to survive.

I invite you today to thrive. Because I know as a trauma survivor, you've been taught to smile, function, and "get over it" even when y