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Dr. Max Riv

Dr. Max Riv

Clinical Psychologist, PsyD.

• Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
• Master's in Clinical Psychology
• NLP Coach
• Gottman Levels I + II
• Certified Sex and Couples Integrative
• Relationship and Intimacy
• Psychodynamic, IFS, ACT, CBT, DBT
• Psychological Assessments
• Breathwork & Retreat Facilitator

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"Life graces us daily with opportunities and lessons to make a difference. You are one moment, one soul, one amazing being, don't let that go unnoticed. Become the hero in your life."

Meet Max

Dr. Max Riv is a clinical psychologist and Co-Founder of the Love Discovery Institute. Additionally, he is a Neuro-Linguistic Coach and a Certified Sex and Couples Integrative Facilitator. Equipped with an array of tools, Dr. Riv supports individuals and couples throughout their healing journey. He offers warm, clear, and interactive feedback, aiding clients in their personal growth, healing, and in achieving their goals.

Dr. Riv's approach is anchored in a relational framework, incorporating an array of therapeutic modalities like psychodynamic therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), IFS (Internal Family Systems), and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). This multifaceted approach enables Dr. Riv to effectively support individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, guiding them through healing in areas such as trauma, anxiety, depression, infidelity, and sexless marriages. Through this rich blend of methods, Dr. Riv steers his clients towards attaining a heightened sense of insight, comprehension, and fulfillment in both their personal and relational lives.

Dr. Riv co-created the Love Discovery Institute’s “Building Love and Intimacy” programs. He leads a team of therapists who are aligned in their philosophy and approach to healing. Beyond his institute, he collaborates with various international venues to facilitate retreats and workshops. Dr. Riv is deeply committed to aiding individuals in establishing profound connections, intimacy, and authenticity in their relationships, both with themselves and others. He asserts that delving into the profound layers of our identity is among the most crucial journeys we undertake; our narratives are intricately woven with past experiences and interpretations.

He acknowledges that everyone possesses a unique story deserving of a voice and profound comprehension. By truly understanding the depths of our identity, we not only attain a heightened sense of freedom and autonomy but also learn to live with authenticity. This results in an enhanced sense of self-worth, heightened motivation, reduced anxiety, healthier interpersonal relationships, sharper insight, room for burgeoning creativity and passion, and a deeper understanding of our emotions and behaviors.

On the relational front, Dr. Riv assists clients in navigating conflicts with partners, expressing their emotions effectively, managing relational stress, and cultivating strong bonds that enrich their connections. Through his expert guidance, clients can embark on a path of deeper healing and nurture more gratifying relationships in every facet of their lives. Dr. Riv is unwavering in his commitment to helping clients bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious, pinpoint counterproductive behaviors, and discover healthier ways of relating to themselves and others. Harnessing his empathetic approach and profound expertise, Dr. Riv equips clients to surmount challenges, foster resilience, and revolutionize their lives.



Relationship issues, Communication problems, Intimacy Issues, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Work Stress and Challenges, Career Development, Assertiveness Training, Men's Issues, Dating, Breakups, Existentialism, Processing of Early Experiences, Women's Issues.


Dr. Riv is a distinguished couples' facilitator with specialized training in aiding couples at diverse stages of their relationship journey. His credentials are reinforced by his completion of numerous certification trainings, including the Integrative Sex and Couples Certification and the Gottman Method Levels I and II. Dr. Riv addresses an array of challenges couples might encounter, from managing relational conflicts and deepening connections to healing from affairs and navigating sexless relationships, as well as exploring kinks. Furthermore, he emphasizes building intimacy, equipping couples with skills to establish healthy boundaries, and introducing them to healthier mechanisms for connection. With his compassionate and discerning approach, Dr. Riv guides couples in uncovering their vulnerabilities, forging deeper bonds, and understanding their mutual experiences on a profound level.


Dr. Riv was born in New York but has spent the majority of his life as a Miami native. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Florida International University and pursued both his Master's and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Throughout his academic journey, he delved into depth therapies, particularly choosing to specialize in psychodynamic therapies. Dr. Riv served as the Vice-President of the Graduate Psychodynamic Association and was an active member of the South Florida Psychoanalytic Association. His directed studies delved into the potential use of psychedelic substances within a therapeutic setting.

Professionally, Dr. Riv contributed to the Neuropsychology Department of Miami VA and completed an intensive internship in Chicago, IL. There, he honed his skills in insight-oriented therapies, performed psychological evaluations, and collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team emphasizing a holistic approach. Beyond his academic and clinical achievements, Dr. Riv is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach and proudly served as a Navy Veteran.

On the corporate front, Dr. Riv has amassed significant experience, having held directorial roles in companies with billions of dollars in revenue. He possesses a deep understanding of organizational structures, is adept at cultivating company culture, and is well-acquainted with the challenges of work stress in competitive environments.

Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Riv cherishes his leisure time. He is passionate about playing the guitar, traveling, and cherishing moments with his life partner and family.

Theoretical Orientations

• Psychodynamic
• Gottman Method Levels I & II
• Integrative Sex Therapy
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
• Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
• Internal Family Systems (IFS)
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
• Life / Relational Coaching

Areas of Focus

• Affair Recovery
• Alternative or Poly Relationships
• Anger Management
• Family Business Problems
• Trauma
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Divorce
• Grief and Loss / Bereavement
• Life Transition
• Men's Health Issues
• Relational Problems
• Sex Issues
• Obsessive Thoughts
• Occupational Difficulties
• Phobias / Irrational Fears
• Relationship Issues
• Self-Esteem
• Social Anxiety
• Stress / Worry

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