4 Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again After Having a Newborn

A woman is happy with her newborn in her arms

When you have a baby, everything changes – including your body. Sometimes, these changes can negatively affect your body image and self-esteem. Here is how to feel like yourself again after having a newborn.

Key takeaways:

  • Many women are already unsatisfied with their bodies even without the stress and changes that come from having a baby.

  • Your body will change during and after pregnancy; these changes can trigger body image issues and low self-esteem.

  • Prioritizing self-care can help you feel like yourself again.

  • Mindfulness is a tool that can empower you and build confidence.

  • Therapy can help if you’re struggling with your body image, low self-esteem, a low libido, or if these things are impacting your relationship.

Having a baby brings up many emotions. Unfortunately, not all of them are helpful. It’s natural that when you have a baby, everything around you changes – including you and your body.

Many women are already unsatisfied with their body images without the added influence of pregnancy and birth. Living in your postpartum body may spark feelings of discontentment or low self-esteem. Studies show that it can take women well over a year – 547 days – to feel like themselves again post-baby.

Physical affection is an important part of a healthy relationship, and just because you have a newborn, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a satisfying intimate life. It can be easy to think otherwise when you don’t feel your best or are not happy with your body image at all. Let’s talk about how to feel good about yourself again after having a newborn.

1. Keep up with your self-care

It’s tempting to see self-care as a luxury when you’re focused on parenting a newborn and prioritizing your baby’s needs. This is where the old adage about putting your own oxygen mask on first comes into play – you will be a better mom when you’re pouring from a full cup.

Prioritize self-care. What do you need to thrive? Is it movement? Is it rest? Is it more nourishment or hydration?

Something as basic as making the time to take care of yourself can reduce your stress levels and s