Why Do I Have Difficulty Ejaculating and What Can I Do About It?

A frustrated man sits on the edge of the bed as his partner looks on in the background after he had difficulty ejaculating

Some men can't reach ejaculation with their partners at all while others take a significantly longer amount of time or effort. Here are some of the common causes of delayed ejaculation and how sex therapy may be able to help you.

Key takeaways:

  • Difficulty climaxing is not a gender-specific problem; it can happen to anyone.

  • Approximately 1 to 4% of men have difficulty ejaculating.

  • Some people are more at risk of delayed ejaculation due to aging or health history but it can affect anyone.

  • Delayed ejaculation can have physical or psychological causes.

  • Sex therapy can help.

Having difficulty climaxing isn’t a gender-specific problem. Delayed ejaculation or difficulty ejaculating is the primary sexual problem some people face. Some men don’t orgasm at all due to erectile dysfunction.

Delayed ejaculation affects approximately 1 to 4% of men in the United States. Whether or not you see delayed ejaculation as an issue depends on how it’s affecting you, and your partner, if you have one. Some individuals enjoy taking a long time to climax, but if living with this issue causes you distress, then you should definitely seek the guidance of a professional.

Who experiences difficulty ejaculating?

Unfortunately, anyone can be affected by delayed ejaculation. Some people suffer with it for their whole lives. Still, others only experience it occasionally or when they get older. Here are some factors that can increase the likelihood of difficulty with ejaculation:

  • Aging

  • A history of bladder or prostate surgery

  • Mental health or relationship distress

  • Having health issues like diabetes or multiple sclerosis

  • A history of stroke(s)

  • A history of spinal cord injuries