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Dating, Sex & Relationship Coaching

• Identify Patterns

• Get Out There

• Date Healthier

• Identify Red Flags
• Getting Physical

• Establish a Conscious Relationship

• Learn to form Boundaries

Starting to date or beginning a new relationship can be both exciting and daunting. In either case, the process can provide an opportunity to grow as an individual and set the foundation to an authentic and loving relationship.  

Dating, Sex, & New Relationships

We are relational and social beings. Our relationships and connections to others are one of the principal ways people find safety, care, touch, emotional support, and fulfillment in life. These relationships aren’t limited to intimate partners, but can be extended to friends, family members, and acquaintances. Each of these relationships differs in the problems that can arise. Further complicating these relationships are the variety of ways people approach them.


Getting Out There

Many individuals may feel uncomfortable joining or getting back into the dating pond. Some may feel inadequate, discouraged, or uncomfortable. The mere idea may be anxiety provoking and may put into question their sense of self. Dating may also be a way of turning a new relational page, finally closing the chapter on an old love. A new date could bring hope and optimism, which may feel great, but may also palliate the grief, or pain which has perhaps not yet been explored.

The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

80% of clients improved their self-confidence and 73% of clients improved their relationships thanks to coaching

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Identifying Patterns

When it comes to dating or learning how to connect with a stranger, it can seem like a daunting endeavor. Some individuals may be more comfortable in new settings, while others prefer the presence of others who in some ways may feel more familiar. Symbolically, nearly everyone we meet demonstrates some aspects of what we know or what may feel somewhat foreign. Most of us prefer to align with those who seem more familiar even if certain dynamics may be unhealthy to us. In this sense, your new date may remind us of a warm and happy holiday, but at other times, we may be able to identify that the holiday was not really all that great. Behind the decorations, music, and food, which may have seemed appropriate, you may have noticed that the family may have been fairly liberal with their drinks revealing some underlying dynamics which we may internally feel compelled to solve. Other times, we may notice that the holiday distractors can feel empty, underwhelming, or uncomfortable making us want to run without truly understanding why. Dating can present us with several potential pitfalls and patterns which often lead us to wonder why we always end up with the “wrong type of person.” Until we break free from our story, we may not ever be able to embrace a healthy relationship. 

Setting Boundaries

In establishing any new relationship or dating protocol, there are also problems associated with boundaries. Identifying, communicating, and holding to the boundaries you set can be very difficult. Likewise, understanding and respecting a potential partner’s boundaries can also be complex and feel somewhat rejecting. Getting to the bottom of both dynamics requires communication and awareness of the boundaries. Individuals in therapy often explore the importance of boundaries, how to set them, enforce them and create the necessary space for them. These skills may not come easily to most but are in fact indispensable in any mature and loving relationship. 


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