By: Dr. Carolina Pataky

Infidelity is often the most devastating fractures of a relationship. Often the spouse who was cheated on cannot help but blame themselves. Despite evidence that shows you are not the reason for the infidelity, you may find it difficult to believe. 

There are two options when infidelity is discovered, leave or stay. If you choose to stay in the relationship, then much work needs to be done to find Healing from the affair. 

Many couples find that through healing after infidelity, they can deepen their connection and intimacy. It can be a scary process, but it is possible to find freedom from the pain with dedication and guidance.

What is the Definition of Infidelity? 

According to experts at Mayo Clinic, infidelity does not fit a specific definition. Different couples and even individuals differ in what they consider cheating. Some consider emotional intimacy even more potent than physical. One person in a couple may not consider kissing as infidelity, while others feel it is as wrong as having sexual relations. 

Though uncomfortable, having a conversation about what infidelity means to you is helpful for every relationship. It is a conversation to have early in the relationship and may need to be revisited from time to time. Modern relationships put a great amount of pressure on marrying for love. However, it’s also the first time in history your partner can be cheating on you while laying right next to you. 

Why Do People Have Affairs?