Consciously Dating in a Modern World

Like traditional dating, modern love has both its highs and lows. There are many ways in which modern love varies from conventional dating. Younger generations are becoming more open about their sexuality with every day that passes. Unlike traditional love, modern love is not subject to the confines of gender, race and age. Same-sex romantic relationships are becoming more popular among millennials day after day. It is also not uncommon for younger people to engage in casual relationships.

Even though the modern timeline allows individuals to indulge in relationships without limitations, most of these relationships do not last. It is because the people in this generation do not pay attention to habits and skills that serve as a foundation for a healthy relationship. Dating consciously is about improving one's negative traits that may affect the relationship and handle challenges in the relationship maturely and amicably.

Due to the increase in casual dating, it is easier to get hurt in the modern dating scenario. It is recommended that you date consciously to avoid getting hurt and hurting others. Here are a few tips to date consciously in this modern world:

Outline your expectations from the very beginning

Before getting too deep into a relationship, make an effort to discuss with your partner what the goals for the relationship are. It is crucial to determine that you are both on the same page. Tell your partner whether you want something casual or you are looking to establish a serious commitment. That is how you avoid finding yourself in "situationships."

Like attracts like

It is highly advised that you become the person you want to date. Whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction is powerful and manifests itself in everyone's life. The kind of energy you produce will attract people who have the same energy as you. If you are rude, there are very high chances that you attract a person who is just as rude as you are.

Quit ignoring red flags

When it comes to dating, everyone has their definition of red flags. We all have standards, likes and dislikes in the dating scenario. When you establish that the person you are dating is unwilling to respect your standards and preferences, it is time to pack your bags and leave! Stop hoping that they’ll change. That person is probably not meant for you.

Set practical standards

Everyone has the imagination of their dream person. It is normal to want a person that meets a certain number of specifications. However, this should not affect your real dating life. Ensure that your standards are