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  • Preventative
  • Pre-Marital
  • Marital/Couples Therapy
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce
  • Heterosexual/Same Sex Couples


Couples sessions are designed to address your unique love story customized to the couples needs and goals .Through a series of couples sessions, you will gain unprecedented insight into your relationship and deepen your understanding of your relationship.  By exploring the subtleties that have defined your past story, as a couple you are able break-free from limiting relationship beliefs and/or self destructive relationship patterns. This new awareness provides a superior power of discernment, and allows you to recreate a fulfilling life and relationship story.


Whether you are married, facing a break-up, separation, infidelity, in a relationship or simply just want more from the human experience, our team will help you develop individual and relationship awareness and teach you how to approach meaningful connections. Our Wellness Team provides you with awareness and insight about how to completely transform your level of intimacy and authenticity as you evolve as a couple. 

A New Level of Relationship Care


Relationships can be a vehicle for growth. Your journey may starts with recognizing that your relationship needs some kind of nurturing, care or healing. When you can be open to learning the necessary tools for your relationship, true healing, happiness and fulfillment will follow. Dr. Pataky and her team will assist, support, guide and teach you everything you'll need to develop relational connection.

Issues we may address are: Communication, conflict resolution, money and finances, sex and intimacy issues, fighting and anger issues, gender roles, addiction, in-law struggles, religion, values, pregnancy, and many more. The shift in a relationship can bring about many emotions, including sadness, confusion, and despair. We’ll address everything that you’re feeling, as well as your concerns, and we’ll collaboratively have a plan and set goals to get the relationship back on track.

The first couples session is a 2-hour session, this will serve as an assessment, along with discussing goals.This first session also provides each individual to walk away feeling heard by their partner, which is the beginning to the healing process.

  • Private and Personalized to Couples Needs. 

  • Deepen understanding of self and  your partner.

  • Develop true intimacy and connection  within the relationship.

  • Complete road map, family of origin, relationships.

  • Tune into purpose and passion.

  • Conflict resolution and communication.

  • Break-free from past patterns & obstacles.

  • Free yourself from feelings of "something missing" 

Couples still fall victim to the many limiting roles, scripts, schemas, erroneous beliefs, and toxic conditioning, surrounding relationships and intimacy. As a result this has created barriers to one of life's richest gifts: The gift of intimacy. Intimacy is the ability to not only accept and love your inner-most self unconditionally, but the capacity to then fully share oneself with another human being. Allowing oneself to be seen for whom they truly are. As mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield said ”The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are moments when we touch one another". This is only possible when we allow ourselves to be seen in our truth, open and vulnerable. 

Our relationship and intimacy experts, assists couples find alignment with their thoughts, emotions and physical bodies. We assist couples in becoming more vulnerable, transparent, and open with one another, while creating a safe environment. When we start aligning our body, mind and spirit, our capacity for compassion and love expands. And as a result, our relationships become extraordinary. 

Marriage/Couples Therapy

Couples often come in for therapy at a point where they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Distressing events can happen, communication may have broken down or and sexual intimacy may not longer exists. Giving yourselves a chance to address this in therapy increases your chance of resolution, healing and repair. Couples seek therapy for a wide range of reasons.

More often than not, couples seeking therapy have trouble communicating effectively. Consequently, there is a break down in one or many areas of the relationship. Perhaps trust is broken, feelings of betrayal, or desire may have diminished. Other couples fight and argue about the same things over and over again never finding a way to resolve their issues. As this continues, hurt, emotional pain, fear o frustration can increase and eventually jeopardize the relationship.


  • Tailored cognitive and emotional couples wellness (psychotherapy) to address specific relationship concerns/difficulties.

  • Enhance your relationship intimacy levels.  

  • Build couples awareness, understanding, intimacy an authenticity. 

  • Master your relationship life and learn how to create care and nurture in your realtionship garden and unlock desire, connection and passion.

  • Create a safe space for processing issues relevant to your relationship.  

  • Understand the unique roles we have in our social lives and culture, and how the impact of our culture can affect our values, beliefs, and expectations in a relationship.


Why wait for something to be wrong or go wrong? 

Take the time and devote it to learning how to keep the love and desire alive, while addressing realistic topics:  jobs change/loss, children, how you may handle money differently, or your roles and values that might get challenged.

  • Getting ahead of the game! nurturing & deepening your relationship intimacy.

  • Develop the skills necessary to handle any relationship situation.

  • Address important topics that all couples should talk about and explore together.

  • Shed light on certain dynamics that may need attention.

  • Learn what it takes to obtain, maintain and grow the relationship you're in.

Infidelity Healing

One of the greatest challenges a couple will face is infidelity. This level of pain and devastation may be so extreme that you question every part of the relationship. As easy as it is to point the finger, in infidelity therapy, we will look at and explore both of you and how each contributed to the break down of the relationship. The causes of infidelity vary and can be incredibly complex. Affairs can happen in happy marriages as well as troubled ones, and although we’re all susceptible to the betrayal, the good news is that the majority of marriages not only survive infidelity, but they can become stronger and more intimate after therapy. The infidelity does become a part of your story, but it does not have to define you or your relationship.

  • Help establish safety while addressing painful feelings and emotions around the affair.

  • Understand the vulnerabilities around the extramarital involvement.

  • Understand and integrate the meaning of the affair into the present and find a way to move forward.

  • Learn how to cope with depression, distress or anger to recovery, repair and healing.

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 Visit us at our Ponce de Leon location, right in the heart of Coral Gables. This location is literally steps away from amazing area restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Easy access with  parking garage for your convinience.

Miami Beach

Visit us at the Carillon Miami Beach Resort and Spa, where we can take advantage of the beautiful resort spaces, including quiet outside areas, gardens, beach, or in the privacy of our office. After your session, enjoy the rest of your day at the spa, on us. Valet parking is also included.

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