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 Somatic healing has been found to be quite useful in providing relief to disturbed clients and treating many physical and cognitive symptoms resulting from past trauma. Somatic psychology confirms that the mind and body connection is deeply rooted. In recent years neuroscience has emerged with evidence that supports somatic psychology, showing how the mind influences the body and how the body influences the mind.


Traumatic events deeply challenge an individual's sense of safety and security in the world. As a result, individuals may experience lower confidence, decreased self-esteem, and feelings of inadequacy that may start overriding different aspects of their life from their work to their relationships.  

The brain has been made to heal itself, however, a traumatic experience prevents the brain from fully healing. A traumatically stored memory is stored in an isolated bubble of an experience, which means that the sight, thoughts, smells, emotions, and feelings get frozen in time. Therefore, the past is the present, according to the brain. In addition the developmental age with which the traumatic event occurred is stored in the brain. Hyper-arousal as well as hypo-arousal freeze time and space, which can mean that external events that are similar to the past trauma can trigger the same reaction from the time of the developmental age. How we think of ourselves gets frozen at the time of the trauma.

Our bodies hold on to past traumas which are reflected in our body language, posture, and also expressions. In some cases, past traumas may manifest physical symptoms: sexual dysfunction, anxiety,  depression, and isolation.


What’s important to note for therapists is that in much of our graduate education, we were taught to make our clients feel more comfortable and safe as we help them build on their window of tolerance in order to move past trauma.

Somatic Healing offers a variety of benefits. It reframes and transforms current or past negative experiences, and inculcates a greater sense of oneself, confidence, resilience, and hope. It reduces discomfort, strain, and stress while developing a heightened ability to feel safe again within your being. 

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