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Divorce and Breakup Recovery

Ending a relationship can be an incredibly painful period in one's life. However, it can also present an opportunity for healing, growth and self-compassion.

Divorce and Separations

Considering or experiencing the end of a relationship can be incredibly painful. Most of us imagine that relationships will last forever and seldom foresee how challenging and intensely distressing the end of a union can be. After all, it is likely that we invested a significant amount of time, effort, trust, commitment and love, in hopes that our romance would flourish. Unfortunately, relationships often do come to an end, leaving one or both partners emotionally wounded or unsure of how to proceed ahead in their lives.


When relationships do end, most people will experience a whirlwind of emotions further complicating the ability to make rational and heartfelt decisions. Separations, break-ups, or divorces can be emotionally destabilizing and may come as a result of a myriad of compounding factors. At other times, single issue problems or an expected event may lead to its termination. In nearly all cases, both partners are likely to experience sadness, loss, trauma, and depression or anxiety. A divorce or a breakup can place a significant amount of pressure on our mental, physical, and financial well-being. 

Although most therapies aim to reduce our distress, Divorce and Breakup Therapy is more specific to the context being experienced. It gives voice to an individual’s relational story while allowing them the space to express their fear, anxiety, depression, and grief. It also helps address current situations to better understand why this may be occurring or perhaps help identify the unconscious patterns that may keep repeating themselves. It can also assist in mapping out the next steps whether that may include developing a safety plan, finding support, making a move, parenting decisions, or perhaps learning how to nurture a healing heart with more grace and compassion.

Learn How to Navigate the Difficult Road Ahead

Stage one: This is when most individuals start thinking about divorce or a breakup. They may not be clear on what directions they may need to take, however divorce or breaking up may continue to come up. Individuals are likely to feel fearful, guilty, or stuck. We help individuals navigate through these emotions and help them find a better understanding about themselves and their relationship story. This helps individuals come to terms with their decisions from a thorough understanding which can be made rationally and not from a place of failed expectations or earlier relational dynamics that may be at play unconsciously.

Stage two: Divorce or breakup process. If the decision to end the relationship is finally made, many individuals find themselves needing emotional support and understanding jointly or individually. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable or overwhelming process no matter how long the couple has been sharing their lives together.

Stage three: In this stage the divorce or breakup has been finalized. Your status has changed to divorced or single. These individuals may find themselves carrying some insecurities, regrets, or a low sense of self-esteem which may prevent them from fully embracing their future. This is often subtle, but most individuals have a difficult time letting go or truly clearing the path for someone new. 

Attending therapy during or after a separation can give individuals a healthier outlook on their situation. Clients feel a sense of closure after going through Divorce and Breakup Recovery therapy. They are also given the opportunity to understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which can help them feel more hopeful about their future. 


Types of Divorce & Breakup Recovery Therapy


  • Individual therapy: Facing a permanent breakup is one of the most stressful things an individual can experience. So, it’s understandable that it can affect your mental wellness and sense of self-worth. Grief, depression, anxiety, and other conditions may emerge following a break-up. Individual therapy allows individuals to focus on developing the emotional and cognitive tools needed to process their emotions in more caring and positive ways.

  • Joint Therapy:  There are times when both partners wish to find closure. They may opt to pursue joint therapy to facilitate a healthier separation. Here, the therapist sets boundaries and guidelines and addresses each partner’s most important issues. In addition, joint therapy may give a couple in need an opportunity to work out new living arrangements, parenting decisions, and settle on financial matters with less emotional pain.

Our therapist at Love Discovery Institute can  help you develop reasonable goals, while helping you navigate through processing unresolved emotions to better understand yourself and your relationship. We welcome you to embark on your journey in a way that you can heal, grow and evolve in a safe and judgement-free environment.

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