Sex therapy often gets misunderstood. Quite often we carry a compartmentalized view of sex and think of it as a purely physical drive. However, from a holistic perspective, sex connects to our cognitive, emotional, and spiritual body as well. For that reason, approaches to sex therapy need to be holistic where the multi-layers of the onion get peeled in order to understand what might be going on at the physical level. 

Therapies Covered:

  • Increase Sexual Intimacy

  • Increase Sexual Connection

  • Heal Porn/Sex Addiction

  • Sexual Performance Anxiety

  • Sexual Anxiety

  • Heal Infidelity

  • Hetero/LGBT/Poly/Mono

  • Sexual Comfort

  • Improve Communication 

  • Cultural/Social Barriers

  • Heal Sexual Abuse

  • Fetishes 

Sex & Porn Addiction

Getting to understand disconnecting behaviors.

Sex addiction, porn addiction, and love/relationship addiction are terms used to describe a preoccupation with, and compulsive behaviors related to sex and/or love and romantic relationships.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Get out of your head and regain your sexual confidence.

Sexual performance anxiety is the state of being anxious before, during, and/or after sex. This can lead to chronic physiological conditions and keep us from enjoying sex with our partners.

Alternative Lifestyles

Explore how to navigate delicate and complex world of sex.

Alternative lifestyles diverge away from traditional sexual relationships and may include BDSM, exhibitionism, and non-monogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging.

Women's Sexual Wellness

Female sexual dysfunctions and reproductive concerns.

Women can experience a number of conditions and concerns that may affect their ability to have, connect, or fully embrace their sexuality. Sexual Wellness addresses these concerns. 

Sexual Dysfunctions

Establish or regain your sexual health back.

Both men and women can suffer from a variety of sexual dysfunctions. These disorders can significantly interfere with an individual’s ability to enjoy or experience sex.

Sex, Self Esteem & Body

Freeing ourselves from body image and sexual shame.

Getting comfortable in our skin is not easy. We may feel disconnected or feel a great deal of shame and worry about how it may affect us with our partners in the bedroom.

The Goals of Sex Therapy
Sex doesn't have to be complicated. Finding ways to connect or address our sexual concerns begins with the desire to talk about it. Even if your partner is not quite ready to do so, we're here to help you begin developing the tools to have a richer understanding of what may be getting in the way of the beautiful moments you could be sharing.  


  • Start letting go of any stigmas or shame surrounding sex.

  • Let go of any performance, anxious or fear-based sex.

  • Learn how to intimately connect to your partner.

  • Accept and love yourself in your sexuality.

  • Embrace the capacity to have pleasurable, enjoyable, connected sex. 

What sex therapy can help with?

Our sex therapists are trained to help with a wide variety of challenges related to sex, including the following:

  • General stress or anxiety around sex: Individuals may sometimes be preoccupied with worries about sexual concerns, or even find that anxiety in this area interferes with some aspect of sex.

  • Lack of desire or mismatched desires: It is not uncommon for one or partners to lack desire or feel misaligned or disconnected in the frequency that both individuals may desire. 

  • Challenges with sexual arousal: Some individuals may experience difficulty becoming sexually aroused or achieving orgasm. Others may experience orgasm sooner than they'd like to. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation fall under this category.

  • Sex and/or pornography addiction: Sex addiction can be defined as the compulsive engagement in sex despite negative consequences. Sexual addiction does share many of the hallmarks of clinical addiction and can deeply affect an individual's physical and mental health, interpersonal relationships, work, quality of life, and safety.

  • Issues relating to sexual trauma: Individuals who have either experienced or witnessed sexual trauma often experience ongoing challenges around sex and sexuality. At times, this trauma may be subtle or even be psychologically repressed which is a result of a defense mechanism designed to keep us safe. However, the trauma can live in our unconscious and affect our sexuality and the relationships we carry with others. 

  • Challenges relating to sexual orientation or gender identity: Without proper guidance, coming to terms with sexual orientation or gender identity may be a difficult process and may significantly affect relationships, sex, and quality of life as well.

  • Painful intercourse: When intercourse becomes painful, there may be underlying medical issues, but painful intercourse can sometimes be related to stress or anxiety around sex which may be deeply rooted in early messaging, cultural dynamics, shame, fear, or even earlier trauma.

  • Body image or self-esteem issues: Societies and cultures that place high value on sex appeal and physical attractiveness, can challenge an individual’s sense of self-worth and their comfort around sexuality.

  • Sexual changes related to life circumstances: Throughout life, we may face a number of transitions such as a new job, a new baby, or medical conditions that may arise. Our sex lives may change when we age, face stress or face a relational challenge with a partner. 

  • Exploration of new sexual activities: Partners may at one point or another feel interested in communicating or experiencing something new. They may want to share a fantasy, explore polyamorous relationships, learn tantric techniques, try BDSM, or bring in a new kink.

  • Feeling generally stuck or unsatisfied sexually: Some individuals may be stuck in a sexual rut and not quite sure why. They may also be interested in exploring new sides of their sexuality and are unsure of where to start.

Our sex therapists can support you around just about any issue related to sex. What’s more, they can also be a valuable resource even if you’re not experiencing a problem, per se; you might just be interested in exploring your sexuality in some way.

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