Sex therapy often gets misunderstood. Quite often we have such a compartmentalized view of sex. We tend to think of sex as a purely physical drive. However, as the holistic beings that we are, sex does connect to our cognitive, emotional, and spiritual body as well. For that reason, approaches to sex therapy need to be holistic, where you will get to explore and peel the multilayers of the onion to understand what might be going on at the physical level. From this approach you learn to integrate your wholeness. 

Therapies Covered:

  • Increase Sexual Intimacy

  • Increase Sexual Connection

  • Heal Porn/Sex Addiction

  • Sexual Performance Anxiety

  • Sexual Anxiety

  • Heal Infidelity

  • Hetero/LGBT/Poly/Mono

  • Sexual Comfort

  • Improve Communication 

  • Cultural/Social Barriers

  • Heal Sexual Abuse

  • Fetishes 

Sex doesn't have to be complicated. Finding ways to connect or address our sexual concerns begins with the desire to talk about it. Even if your partner is not quite ready to do so, we're here to help you begin developing the tools to have a richer understanding of what may be getting in the way of the beautiful moments you could be sharing.  


  • Start letting go of any stigmas or shame surrounding sex.

  • Let go of any performance, anxious or fear-based sex.

  • Learn how to intimately connect to your partner.

  • Accept and love yourself in your sexuality.

  • Embrace the capacity to have pleasurable, enjoyable, connected sex. 

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