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Re-connect with your Partner
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Private Couples Intensives

Join us at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort & Spa and enjoy a private 1, 2, or 3 Day intensive to heal, grow, or nurture your relationship. Stay overnight at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort & Spa or just come in each day. Work alongside one of our incredible therapists and enjoy the hotel's beautiful amenities. Please note that the hotel stay is not included, but could be booked separately.  

• 1, 2, or 3 days of intensive work with a Love Discovery Psychotherapist 
• 4-Hours of direct one-on-one work each day.

• Gottman Enhanced Couples Assessment 

• Carillon Day Spa passes for each day
• Beach and Pool Access

• Complimentary Valet

• Hotel Stay & Meals are Not Included  

Price $1500 p/day

About our Couples Retreat Intensives.

Intimacy and relationship experts at the Love Discovery Institute have created a unique couples retreat intensive program at the Carillon Miami Resort and Spa. Made exclusively for couples, this retreat experience is fully customizable over 1, 2, or even 3 days. Unlike a group retreat, private retreats are specifically designed around the couple. They are far more focused and addresses the couple's most pressing concerns. In a private retreat, couples and therapists are directly engaged on the work they are specifically wanting to address. In addition, they provide the privacy and discretion that most couples desire when discussing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

In collaboration with one of our Love Discovery psychotherapist, couples begin their journey with a comprehensive relationship assessment to help determine areas of strength and weakness which may underlie some of their concerns. Developed by John and Julie Gottman, this 337-item questionnaire is based on over 40 years of relationship research. The questionnaire explores various aspects of the relationship including friendship, intimacy, emotions, sex, conflict, values, trust, parenting, housework, finances, and individual areas of concern. This allows the therapist to carefully assess every area of the couple's relationship before their arrival at the Carillon. The Gottman Enhanced Relationship Questionnaire helps inform and accelerate the treatment making it a perfect option for couples who are attending a private couples retreat. 

Once a couple arrives at the Carillon Miami Resort and Spa, they enter a truly beautiful space. The hotel is consistently ranked among the nation's top wellness resort and spas. Nestled along the sandy shores of Miami Beach, the property boasts a luxurious 70,000-square-foot wellness space. Included with the retreat, couples may enjoy the world-class thermal spa, pools, or enjoy the beach. At an additional cost, visitors may book one of the property's next generation, 360-degree mind & body wellness treatments to complement their experience. The extensive selection of Western, Eastern, Alternative, and Aesthetic medicine at the spa is unprecedented in the wellness community and a perfect way to indulge and pair with the couples retreat. 

Couples attending their retreat can arrange a stay at the property or just arrive for the day(s) they are working with the therapist. Once the couple meets with the therapist, goals and guidelines for the session are set and the work will begin. Each day during the couples intensive, time is set to for discussions, role-plays, or partner to partner exercises all of which are uniquely tailored to the couple's needs. The results of the Gottman questionnaire are also shared and discussed. The therapist will help guide the session and facilitate the discussions so that each partner can feel heard and understood. Exercises are often designed to address the couple's "gridlocks" or improving ways to address and communicate their differences. As the session(s) deepen, couples often begin to catch their own patterns and see how they may contribute to the relational challenges they may be in. The therapist will also be there to support and create a safe non-judgmental space so that the couple can heal from the sometimes emotional challenges they may be experiencing.  

How many days should we attend the couples retreat for?

Depending on the level of support desired, couples may want to elect more time with their therapist. Some concerns will require more time or recurring care following the retreat. While would love to help couples completely heal from the damage of, say an infidelity in 4 hours, we are not miracle workers. These events can greatly benefit from a healthier discussion within a therapeutic context, but will still require time to heal. However, this is not to say that even over the course of a couple of days a retreat cannot be helpful. Many couples who have faced similar circumstances first gain some traction by learning how to communicate their pain and learning what the process to healing will need to look like. The retreat essentially becomes a container in which couples can learn to hold space for each other in constructive ways as they embark on a journey of healing. 

Other couples may face challenges and just need a day or two to learn how to improve their communication, resolve a specific gridlock, address a unique matter, or shift something that simply has not been feeling right. Partners can often spend years without ever addressing things that have been on their mind or in their hearts. While they may carry the best intentions, they may simply not know how to address their concerns. Other partners can benefit from a 1 or 2 days to enrich their intimacy, learn a few new exercises or tools, and deepen their commitments to each other. Whatever the journey, we invite our couples to immerse themselves and their relationship in the ultimate journey of healing, nurturing and growth.

What happens after we return from the couples retreat?

Couples often return home to feel a deep sense of understanding and connection with one another. Some couples will continue to implement some of the new tools they learned immediately. This alone can have monumental changes in the way they relate and communicate with one another. Once learned, some tools are never forgotten and can help the couple address future "gridlocks" with confidence, support, and ease. For others the courageous journey of healing has only just begun. The retreat may have provided a foundation and outlined what the journey to healing may require, but there may be work ahead. Therapists can be available for continued support in the weeks or months to follow. 

How can I book this couples retreat?

Be a part of this world-class exclusive couples retreat at The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.  This retreat is tailored to each couple and is designed to heal or bring equanimity back into every relationship. Within a healing sanctuary playground, couples are given tools to help their relationships thrive. To book or learn more, please contact our office at 305-605-LOVE for availability and to discuss your specific needs. 

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For decades, successful couples have recognized the importance of workshops and retreats to help their relationship connect and grow. The Love Discovery Institute has created a unique couples intensive program and taken them to the next level.


Your relationship deserves the opportunity to find solutions, improve connection, create rich juicy excitement for your partner, and connect at a richer deeper level. Dedicating a bit of time to your relationship and taking home the tools you need to keep building your new skills will help your relationship thrive for an amazing life's journey together."

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