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Exclusive Individual Intensives $2250, plus 3 day/2 night stay

For those individuals seeking to find equanimity, grounding, shift something in their lives, balance or release something that no longer serves them. After an intensive you will come away with greater feelings of clarity, grounding and understanding of yourself or your situation.

Indulge in the ultimate cognitive and emotional wellness experience. This exclusive self-care, self-love, self-discovery individual intensive healing process is for those that are ready to dive deep within themselves to heal from the present and/or their past.

Have you ever felt like you need to just get away, re-charge, re-focus and gain clarity and become grounded in your life? Perhaps you are going through a transition, or perhaps you've been stuck for a while, or you maybe you're just wanting to nurture, evolve, heal and grow. 

If you are looking to nurture your soul, this integrative holistic emotional and cognitive wellness approach will not only nurture and pamper you at a physical level but in addition will soothe your soul. An expert will guide and help you through talk sessions, experiential exercises and somatic sessions that will  help you release, heal, shift what's needed to shift and break-free from what needs to be left behind in order to ground you.

Treat yourself to the holistic INTENSIVE 3 Day approach to improve your cognitive and emotional wellness as an individual with a qualified relationship expert, licensed psychotherapist & sex therapist. The relationship you have with yourself and others is the essential to living life fully. Relationships can be a vehicle for growth and healing when you look within and learn the necessary tools for change to happen. It starts with recognizing that you need the individual care to learn the necessary tools for your happiness.

Dr. Pataky will assist, support, guide and teach you everything you'll need for your success over the course of 3-Days (approx. 3 hr each day). This allows you to work within a container of a space dedicated to your inner work: reflection, processing, journaling, 1-on-1's exploration of your story with an expert.  

This is about you.The most powerful way to work on you and yourself is to give your self the time and space in the container of 3 days to go within with a qualified expert. In addition to the exquisite indulgent way to integrate your experience in the white sand beaches of Miami right on property over the weekend, you will be able to relax and enjoy some of the luxurious amenities and space located throughout the property, including the Carillon’s world renowned thermal spa facility, pools and beach.

This unique and new level of emotional and cognitive wellness consist of  3 full intensive-day of merging your soul with educational tools, experiential exercises and mindfulness activities for the following issues:

  • Conflict in any area of life or with oneself

  • Wanting to take time for oneself to grow, heal and learn

  • Heal from a recent breakup - Mend a broken heart

  • Understanding cycles of stress, loneliness and anxiety

  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Struggles with important life decisions

  • Obtain clarity 

  • Self-Exploration - seek expansion and growth

  • Transitions and ready to make changes in your life

  • Learning self love, self-care and compassion for one-self

  • Healing past wounds from your childhood

  • Grief and loss issues

  • Building skills for greater intimacy in relationships

  • Finding forgiveness  within to let go, or move on.

  • Release anxiety, stress and worries

  • Need to dis-connect from your actual world to connect with your inner truth. 

    It’s important you register early because we want to make sure we can tailor your Soul-Discovery Intensive to your exclusive needs . When booking additional services you may want to indulge in one of various wellness and spa experiences. 

 “The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Are you ready to dive deep with yourself?

Gift yourself this soul 
discovery journey that awaits for you. Located along the white sand shores of Miami Beach. In this exclusive and unique approach to working on your inner being, that will allow you to heal your deepest wounds, unravel your truth, and explore hidden aspects of yourself.  

The ultimate cognitive, emotional and physical wellness sanctuary experience.

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