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Private Individual Intensives

Join us at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort & Spa and enjoy a private 1, 2, or 3 Day intensive to heal, grow, or nurture yourself. Stay overnight at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort & Spa or just come in each day. Work alongside one of our incredible therapists and enjoy the hotel's beautiful amenities. Please note that the hotel stay is not included, but could be booked separately.  

• 1, 2, or 3 days of intensive work with a Love Discovery Psychotherapist
• 4-Hours of direct one-on-one work each day.  

• Carillon Day Spa passes for each day
• Beach and Pool Access

• Complimentary Valet

• Hotel Stay & Meals are Not Included  

Price $1000 p/day

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About our Individual Retreat Intensives.

For individuals who are seeking to find equanimity, shift something in their lives, or release something that no longer serves them, private intensives offer a comprehensive way to address life's circumstances more efficiently. Held at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, intensives grant individuals a unique cognitive and emotional wellness experience unlike any other. Nestled along the white sand beaches, the Carillon Miami Beach and Spa becomes the ultimate self-care oasis. Individuals will work with one of the Love Discovery therapists over the course of 1, 2, or 3 days while also indulging in some of the property's incredible offerings. 

Upon arrival at the Carillon Miami Resort and Spa, individuals can immediately begin to experience why the property is a true healing sanctuary and playground. Consistently ranked among the nation's top wellness resort and spas, the world-renowned hotel boasts a luxurious 70,000-square-foot wellness space. Just steps away from the beach, the property integrates an extensive selection of Western, Eastern, Alternative, and Aesthetic treatments. Included with the retreat, individuals enjoy the world-class thermal spa, pools, or relax in its beautiful garden. At an additional cost, individuals may choose to complement their retreat experience and book one of the property's next generation, 360-degree mind & body wellness treatments. 

Group Retreats versus Private Retreats?

Individuals can sometimes find themselves a bit out of place, disconnected, or emotionally hurt. Perhaps they are going through a transition, been stuck for a while, or maybe just wanting to nurture, evolve, or heal. In general retreats can be a beautiful way to ground and heal. Both individual and group retreats can be incredibly rewarding but they do carry some key differences.

Individual private retreats are focused specifically on concerns to the individual. They offer privacy, confidentiality, and direct collaboration with the therapist. 100% of time being spent with the therapist is focused on the individual's concern. Group retreats on the other hand are about a shared communal experience. Healing can occur, but it may be through the use of projection and the development of empathy towards others first. Much of the time may be spent in the stories or agendas of others which require time and patience. Group retreats in general offer a beautiful nurturing way to recharge, refocus and gain clarity, but they can also expose you to settings you may not be ready to face. Within the context of a retreat, time to address individual concerns are nearly impossible to manage through the guide who needs to generalize healing through the group. An intensive on the other hand allows the work to be done directly with the expert who is able to address your specific needs. 

How many days should I attend the retreat for?

There are dynamics and benefits of each day will differ from person to person. Private retreat intensives are a great for individuals who need direct processing in a matter of days, not in the company of others. Working directly with a therapist allows individuals to work within the container of a space dedicated to their inner work including reflection, processing, journaling, and the 1-on-1's exploration of their very own story.  

While the accelerated work with a therapist can be quicker than traditional therapeutic models, they are no less graceful. Inner work takes time and effort. Facing pain, loss, a separation, or even a new path to grow often shakes up the foundation of what we're also trying to hold to. There is no psychological light switch that can make everything go away. Intensives however attempt to expedite the goals and provide a therapeutic outline to reach them. Because many of these intensives can be, well.. intense, the Love Discovery Institute has designed programs to be nurturing. Short sessions are great for individuals who are looking to process weekly, but all day sessions are psychologically draining and exhausting. Because we can only engage in a certain amount of psychological work each day, 4-hour sessions hit a therapeutic sweet spot.

These sessions allow a deep dive into concerns, while providing the space necessary for exploration and processing. They also free up the rest of the day for individuals to enjoy or integrate their experience at the Carillon. Some individuals choose to hit the property's white sand beach or any of the luxurious spaces or amenities located throughout the property. Intensives include access the Carillon’s world-renowned thermal spa facility, pools and beach.


How can a retreat be helpful to me? 

Our retreats offer a unique level of emotional and cognitive wellness which can consist of 1, 2, or 3 day intensives. They often include personal explorations, educational tools, experiential exercises, and mindfulness activities for the following issues:

  • Conflict in any area of life or with oneself.

  • Wanting to take time for oneself to grow, heal and learn.

  • Heal from a recent breakup - Mend a broken heart.

  • Understanding cycles of stress, loneliness and anxiety.

  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

  • Struggles with important life decisions.

  • Obtain clarity. 

  • Self-Exploration - seek expansion and growth.

  • Transitions and ready to make changes in your life.

  • Learning self love, self-care and compassion for one-self.

  • Healing past wounds from your childhood.

  • Grief and loss issues.

  • Building skills for greater intimacy in relationships.

  • Finding forgiveness  within to let go, or move on.

  • Release anxiety, stress and worries.

What happens after I return from the individual retreat?

Individuals often enter a deep sense of healing and gratitude following a retreat. They may feel a deep sense of connection with others or find themselves a bit lighter after having released the psychological content which may no longer be serving them. However, as with any heroic journey of healing or discovery, the work may not always end right away. At times, individuals begin to uncover a new phase or perhaps a new direction in life. They may also need further support to process remnants of their concerns. The retreat may have provided a foundation and outlined what the journey to healing may require, but there may still be work ahead. Therapists can be available for continued support in the weeks or months to follow. 

How can I book this couples retreat?

Be a part of this world-class exclusive retreat at The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.  This retreat is tailored to each individual and is designed to help individuals heal, nurture, or grow in profoundly beautiful ways. To book or learn more, please contact our office at 305-605-LOVE for availability and to discuss your specific needs. 

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Are you ready to dive deep with yourself? Gift yourself this soul discovery journey that awaits for you. Located along the white sand shores of Miami Beach. In this exclusive and unique approach to working on your inner being, that will allow you to heal your deepest wounds, unravel your truth, and explore hidden aspects of yourself.  The ultimate cognitive, emotional and physical wellness sanctuary experience.

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