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A New Level of Emotional & Cognitive Care For Men, Women & Couples


Our holistic methods have been carefully designed to be rich in content, connecting, powerful, and self loving. Our work consist of assisting, supporting, teaching and guiding individuals and couples to dive deep within a soul discovery experience and work through the various relationship and intimacy challenges or areas of growth they've chosen to work on.This process relieves individuals from anxiety, angst, depression, spiritual crisis, fears, anger, loneliness, being stuck in life and more. When we start healing ourselves, everything else follows.  At the Love Discovery Institute we have been helping men, women and couples obtain extraordinary lives filled with purpose and love. Our foundation is effective, credible and transformative.  Dare to fall in love with your life.

5 Ways to work with the Love Discovery Institute 

Private sessions designed to address your unique story. Through a series of  1-on-1 soul-discovery sessions, we help individuals find themselves, become more self-loving and return to their wholeness.This process relieves anxiety, angst, depression, spiritual crisis, fears, anger, loneliness, being stuck in life and more. When we start healing ourselves, everything else follows. Dare to fall in love with your life.

Whether you are looking to establish a healthy relationship or are having difficulties within one, we will help you navigate through a process of nurture, healing, connection and  growth that lead you to fall in love with your life. No matter what relationship stage of life you are in as a couple, the process of couples therapy is the equivalent to signing up to a relationship training exclusive to your relationship needs with an intimacy and relationship expert. Are you committed to  start your journey to a true enriching,  intimate connection with your parter that will last a lifetime. 

Sex therapy often gets misunderstood. Quite often we have such a compartmentalized view of sex. We tend to think of sex as a purely physical drive. Often sex is performance based and shame based. Learn to have a healthier more fulfilling sex life. 

For decades, successful couples have recognized the importance of workshops and retreats to help their relationship connect and grow. Dr. Carolina Pataky has created a unique couples intensives program and taken this to the next level. 

Transformational retreats shed past all limiting beliefs and unlock a powerfully new, authentic individual. You will connect to your purpose and passion, becoming grounded in spirit.  A powerful awakening of true soul-discovery.

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