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  • HIPAA Secure

Telehealth Therapy Across Florida


Telehealth offers a convenient way for individuals and couples to take advantage of psychological services. Love Discovery Institute takes this a step further and adds a HIPAA secure level of protection to ensure that your information remains secure and safe.  Using technology that allows your smartphone, iPad, or laptop to securely connect to our therapist, individuals seeking support can now have their therapy in the comfort of their home, office or car. 

Therapy From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Teletherapy Keeps You Connected

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth provides you an opportunity to connect with your therapist from your work, home or wherever you may need it. The typical form of communication is through video where you and your therapist will use a secure video conferencing option to connect to each other for your therapy sessions. For many individuals and couples, it has become the preferred method of carrying on their their sessions remotely. Although Telehealth has been around for years, it gained popularity after COVID-19 significantly altered the way we communicated. Individuals became more comfortable using platforms such as Zoom to connect to friends, family and co-workers. 

Does Telehealth Really Work?

Yes. A resounding number of studies continue to support the efficacy of online video platforms. While most forms of therapy have traditionally been in-office settings, the majority of therapies can be done online. Talk therapies which focus on the content of an individual's concern have greatly improved access to therapy. Here are some of the major benefits to using Telehealth:


  • Easy access to connect to a therapist for some or all or your sessions.

  • Get access to additional times outside of regular office hours.  

  • Avoid driving, traffic, time to park, associated costs, and unexpected delays.

  • Use of time is greatly improved. Simply log-in for your time. Avoid To and From travel time.

  • Be in the comfort of your own space, sofa or bed. We've taken session from gyms and boats.  

  • After an emotional session, you do not have to face a bunch of strangers in the waiting room.

  • The extra time may provide you an opportunity to journal, or "be with your thoughts".

  • Couple's exercises or conversations can continue after your session. 

  • No need to jump back in your car and get back to your busy life. Instead, you get to absorb your session.

  • Couples and families can each hop on separately from 2 locations into the same session.

What will I need to get started with Telehealth?

There are 4 things to address before beginning Tele-psychology.

Computer Access:

You will need a computer, desktop, laptop, or tablet to do Tele-psychotherapy. Also required is that your computer device has a camera and microphone so that you can hear and see your therapist when doing Tele-psychotherapy. 

State Boundaries: 

Our therapist are able to provide psychotherapy in Florida and in California, however some of our providers are also able to provide coaching sessions which can provide psycho-education, solution focused support, and behavioral and goal setting programs.  

Service Platforms: 

We use software and services that are HIPAA compliant. Skype and Facetime, while seemingly convenient and free, are not HIPAA compliant for Telepsychology. It's vital to protect your privacy, and we take every possible step in order to ensure your security.

Other Things To Know:

After you've scheduled your appointment, you will be provided with a link to access your session. At the time of your session, you'll click the link and access your online session. Please make sure that your microphone and video are on. 

If you are ready to get started, the process is simple and straight forward. Please feel free to contact us at 305-605-LOVE if you have any questions or concerns. Our therapist are all very comfortable with the platform are ready to help you get the care you need. 

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