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BeLove Breathwork is a transpersonal modality that can have profound healing effects through its meditative properties. It is essentially a method of circular conscious-connected breathing that can help individuals open up and awaken to integrate mind, body and spirit.  Through the breathing exercise, individuals can enter mediative or altered states which allow them to reprocess and release emotional or traumatic experiences. 

Mind: Cognitively access, understand, or accept.  Gain clarity, perspective and awareness to issues, anxieties or concerns. 


Body: Activate and create proper energetic flow to feel what your mind and spirit are experiencing. This not only helps us heal our bodies, but it also helps us anchor new positive feelings.  


Spirit: When both our mind and bodies are in sync, we gain a greater sense of self, of others and of the messages we don’t just believe, but actually feel deep within.  It’s a feeling love, connection, empathy, compassion and creativity.  


It has been proven to be a safe and legal method of accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness to help individuals transform, heal and grow. 


Breathwork is designed to help promote the journey within. It can be done as a standalone practice, or done in combination with psychotherapy. 

Breathwork Practitioners


Dr. Carolina Pataky


Nathalie Vega


Max Riv

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