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Dr. Carolina Pataky at Love Discovery Institute | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Certified Sex Therapist | Miami Beach

Dr. Carolina Pataky


Meet Dr. Pataky

• Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

• Board Certified Sex Therapist 

• Co-creator of H.I.M.& BeLove Methods

• Co-founder of Love Discovery Institute

• TV/Radio/Web Personality/Blogger

• Gottman Level I, II & III

• Imago Relationship Therapy

• BeLove Breathwork Practitioner

• Self-Love and Relationship Coach

Dr. Carolina Pataky | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Certified Sex Therapist | Miami Beach

Best Couples Counselor and Sex Therapist in Miami, Fl

Co-founder of the Love Discovery Institute, Dr. Carolina Pataky is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist assisting both individuals and couples to fine-tune and find empowerment within themselves and their relationships. She's the creator of the H.I.M. Method (Healing Intimacy in Men) and BeLove Programs (Soul-discovery for individuals and couples) and she is also recognized as one of South Florida's leading authorities surrounding intimacy, relationships, and sexuality. Her private practice is located in two locations the heart of Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Additionally, she works with various venues around the world to facilitate retreats and workshops worldwide.

Before devoting her life’s work to the empowerment of individuals and couples, Carolina’s path to growth came at a very personal level, individually and in her relationship. Facing her own challenges and dysfunctional relationship patterns, she came to find a richer understanding of her purpose through her own healing and transformational work. Humbled by her own story, she’s passionately pursued a career helping men, women, and couples find the change, acceptance, compassion, and understanding in themselves, as well as in their relationships.  

She began her studies at the University of Massachusetts and received her Master’s degree from Carlos Albizu University. Her incessant desire to learn and teach led her to gain additional certifications and work experiences with Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman, Dr. Stanislav Grof, and Dr. Carol Clark. She has also been trained in Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) which centers on the transformation of conflict into healing and growth opportunities through a relational connection. Having received her Sex Therapy Certification from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, she’s creatively devised and incorporated educational and transpersonal Tantric and Breathwork programs to further assist individuals to find deeper connections beyond the standard cognitive psychotherapy models. She then continued her studies at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology earning her doctoral degree.


Her work consists of assisting, supporting, teaching, and guiding individuals to dive deep and work through the various challenges, struggles, or areas of growth they've chosen to work on. Dr. Pataky believes both men and women still fall victim to the many limiting roles, scripts, schemas, erroneous beliefs, and toxic conditioning surrounding relationships and intimacy. As a result, this has created barriers to one of life's richest gifts: The gift of intimacy. Intimacy is the ability to not only accept and love your innermost self unconditionally but the capacity to then fully share oneself with another human being. Allowing oneself to be seen for whom they truly are. As mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield said,” The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are moments when we touch one another".  She believes this is only possible when we allow ourselves to be seen in our truth, open up, and are able to be vulnerable. This takes work and this is the work Dr. Pataky assists her clients with.

As a relationship and intimacy therapist, she assists individuals and couples find alignment with their thoughts, emotions, and spiritual bodies. Since she believes the quality of your relationships starts with the relationship you have with yourself. When we start aligning our feelings, mind, and spirit, our capacity for compassion and love expands and as a result, our relationships become extraordinary. This process also relieves individuals from anxiety, angst, depression, spiritual crisis, fears, anger, loneliness, being stuck in life, and more. When we start healing ourselves, everything else follows.  

There are a few ways to work with Dr. Pataky. You may choose weekly sessions as a couple or an individual, or you may also choose to immerse yourselves in one of the intensive programs offered. In addition, she also offers Intensive Couples and Individual Retreats. 

Are you ready to start your journey?

Ponce de Leon

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 Visit us at our Ponce de Leon location, right in the heart of beautiful Coral Gables. This location is literally steps away from amazing area restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Easy and secure access with parking garage for your convenience.

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Enjoy sessions from home or work.



• Avoid traffic and parking
•"Take-in" your session afterwards

• Continue couple's exercises

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• HIPAA Secure

Miami Beach

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Visit us at the Carillon Miami Beach Resort and Spa, where we can take advantage of the beautiful resort spaces, including outside areas, gardens, beach, or in the privacy of our office. After your session, enjoy the rest of your day at the spa, on us. Valet parking included.

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