Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Treatments for Depression
Ketamine is a thoroughly tested and safe prescription medication that has been used to treat depression and other mental health disorders. Traditionally, ketamine is commonly used an anesthetic in hospitals and clinics. However, over the last few decades, it has also been used in the mental health as an alternative and complementary option for individuals seeking to support. ​When combined with therapy, a number of well-reviewed studies have empirically demonstrated that ketamine can help individuals deal with everything from anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and other ailments that can affect our mental health and our wellbeing.

By itself ketamine has demonstrated antidepressant qualities that can help individuals feel substantially better within days of their treatment. Ketamine's relatively immediate effects can help individuals shorten the length of time for antidepressants to become effective. Reducing the amount of time of a depressive episode is critical with acute depression or when suicidal ideation may be present. For many individuals seeking support, ketamine has become a life-saving alternative medicine that many other drugs or therapies can't match.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Therapy? 

When integrated with a therapeutic process, Ketamine is quick-acting medicine that can also help individuals explore new perspectives, memories, and unconscious material which may come to surface during treatments. This allows a skilled therapist to help individuals further explore their associations and beliefs systems that armor their identity and their conditions. Ketamine doesn't change our identity but it can help us understand and relate to it without the walls we psychologically attempt to keep up.

The Ketamine-Assisted Treatment Process

We work with ketamine in the context and for the purpose of mental health healing. The protocols at Love Discovery Institute include a multidisciplinary collaborative approach to address depression. With a therapeutic goal in mind, we first work with our clients for a minimum of four, 50-minute therapy sessions. This allows us to better understand you, your story, and how depression affects you. The etiology of depression can vary significantly and may stem from a number of biological, environmental, and social factors. Before we can determine if Ketamine is appropriate, therapist need to understand how some of these factors contribute to and sustain depression. This also provides context to healing as many of these factors will generate themes and psychological modes of operation. 

Following the initial sessions, a referral to a psychiatrist will determine if ketamine can be prescribed. The psychiatrist will administer a full psychiatric evaluation in order to ensure that all contraindications are considered, and that ketamine can indeed be a suitable treatment. Should they choose, individuals may also select their own psychiatrist to make the prescription.


Once approved, individuals can proceed to receive a ketamine infusion. Administration normally takes less than 1-hour and is dose specific and tailored to you. Following the infusion, a follow up therapy session will explore adherence to ketamine and help explore how the experience may related to depression or any of the therapeutic themes previously explored. Follow up ketamine sessions will also be evaluated at that time. After the session, most individuals experience a lifting of their depression within days, however, in most cases, individuals normally experience several ketamine sessions and a varying number of psychotherapy sessions before longer lasting symptoms can improve.          


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