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Commit to your couples work. 3- Day retreat Intensive $2,250 + 2 night stay - just for the two of you. 
Dare to fall in love with your life’ 

Intimacy and relationship expert Dr. Carolina Pataky has created a unique couples BeLove retreat intensives program made exclusively for couples that are ready to dive deep within their relationship, in this 3-day journey, couples come with an intention and purpose to working fully on exploring every aspect of their relationship. We invite you to Immerse yourselves as a couples into this healing, nurturing relationship journey, and together fall in love with your life.’ 

Be a part of this world-class exclusive couples BeLove retreat at The Carillon Wellness Resort, Miami Beach that is designed to bring bliss back into your relationship. Our beautiful beach location is open for you to have a lovely nurturing experience at every level with your partner. Within this couples healing sanctuary and playground Dr. Carolina Pataky, teaches couples the tools so their relationship can thrive and become filled with passion and love.
It’s always a good time to restore your relationship, with this exclusive Belove Couples retreat Intensive being held for a few hours daily but also allowing couple’s private time for intimacy and integration. We offer every couple special attention to help them build love and closeness.

Couples experience a number of challenges at every stage in their relationship—moving in together, getting married, going through a possible break-up, separation, infidelity, or decreased sex life and the list goes on. How you talk about these challenges and navigate them is indicative to how you continue to connect and grow together as a couple or disconnect overtime. Couples intensives allow you to address your needs around a variety of topics including: communication, infidelity, intimacy and sexual issues, financial strains, career conflicts. 
While some couples that attend an Intensive are dealing with significant distress and wanting to repair, others are wanting to just continue to nurture their relationship as a part of the relationship self-care.

For decades, successful couples have recognized the importance of workshops and retreats to help their relationship connect and grow. Dr. Carolina Pataky has created a unique couples intensives program and taken this to the next level. Within a healing sanctuary playground: She teaches couples the tools so their relationship can thrive and become filled with passion and love.

In this couples intensive, you will be trained to:

  • Deepen your relationship love.

  • Enhance understanding between couples

  • Create and build intimacy in your relationship

  • Manage unavoidable relationship conflicts so you can strengthen closeness in the relationship.

  • Discover your love map and create intimacy

Discover your couples true essence in this space for intimacy, love and true connection so you can indulge in every aspect of your relationship.  In addition, The Carillon Spa can assist you in making arrangement for spa add-ons such as a couples massage to your intensive couples holistic experience



Beginning with a relationship assessment that includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship The questionnaire is composed of 480 questions involving every level of intimacy: friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust, parenting, housework, finances, and individual areas of concern, carefully assessing every area of the couples relationship before even arriving at the Carillon. This serves for the couples to start dedicating the time necessary to their couples work even before arrival. WHY? Investing  time in your relationship creates magic in your life.

You will be emailed the questions separately after you’ve signed up. Questions must be completed before your 3-day visit at the Carillon. Although we can still proceed without it ,if you choose not to do it, it is highly recommended as couples have a deeper treatment when they choose to dedicate the time to answer all questions on the assessment before arrival. Followed by 3 hours each day's of intensive work with Dr. Carolina Pataky . She uses a combination of tools and interventions between her very own created Belove Method (BeLove Soul-discovery approach for couples), along with the Gottman Method (research-based interventions).


Each day during the  couples intensives sessions time is set to feature discussions, role play interlude, lectures, and partner to partner exercise practice uniquely tailored to the couples needs.

The following week when you get back home, you have a follow-up phone coaching session to ensure your integration process back at home. 

Dr. Pataky helps couples open up authentically with each other, creating a safe non-judgmental space so they can heal from the sometimes emotional challenges and improve intimacy, connection and passion. While, tuning into the subtleties of what might be getting in the way for couples to feel a deep sense of understanding and connection with one another, helping couples fall in love with their life' 


It’s important you register early because we want to make sure we can tailor your BeLove couples intensive to your relationship needs when booking additional services you may want to indulge in on the various Wellness and Spa services. To name a few: Couples Massage,  Couples Salt Float, Couples Personal Trainer (Team Building In the IN-Door Rock Climbing Experience) 

Your relationship deserves the opportunity to find solutions, improve connection, create rich juicy excitement for your partner, and connect at a richer deeper level. Dedicating a bit of time to your relationship and taking home the tools you need to keep building your new skills will help your relationship thrive for an amazing life's journey together." 

- Dr. Carolina Pataky

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