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Your care is your care. 

Exploring Your Insurance Options for Psychotherapy

Insurance plans can be an essential component to managing our health. Having insurance can provide a financial lifeline to those suffering with chronic ailments or have experienced a serious injury. When in comes to Mental Heath, insurances can help with medication management, severe psychiatric conditions, or even cover some in-treatment addiction centers. However, when it comes to psychotherapy, there exists a significant difference in terms of care.


The Problem with Using  An Insurance Model for Your Therapy

Monthly premiums either paid by you or perhaps your employer fund your care. Given that insurance companies need to make money, they want to hold on to as much of that collected premium as possible. Every payment to a clinician is an expense which lowers their bottom line profit. In order to avoid this, they usually limit the number sessions, want to know what specifically is going on with your treatment, and significantly lower the available reimbursement rate of their clinicians. In addition, many insurance companies eventually attempt to inundate

providers with excessive paperwork in order to discourage continued treatment. 

Many therapists do panel with several insurance companies but often need to see an excessively high number of clients. Unfortunately this affects the quality of therapy they can deliver, their time to self-care, and their time to continue educating themselves. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for them to specialize in any one area of therapy. Paneled therapist will often need to see everything from kids and their behavioral problems to couples and their relationship problems. With such a broad range of clients, focused and specialized treatments are usually not within their wheelhouse. Hiring a general mechanic to an oil change is one thing, but you wouldn't necessarily have them fix the complex electrical circuitry in your luxury vehicle. The same applies to therapists. Some treatments that treat symptoms or remain at the surface may be handled adequately by some therapists, but the delicate intricacies behind a relationship, an affair, or the decision permanent decision to stay together or split will generally require specialized care.  

What Makes the Love Discovery Institute Different?

We are an intimacy, relationship, and sexual wellness boutique practice that focuses on emotional, cognitive and sexual wellness. Through 1-on-1 sessions, couples sessions, intensives and retreats, our experts consists of Licensed professionals and Certified coaches with specialized training and backgrounds in the areas of relationships and intimacy.


Our therapist have focused on adult concerns relating to relationships, intimacy, and sex. Several of our therapist are trained in Gottman Method, Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), Family Systems, Psychodynamic-Oriented therapy, and many others. A number of therapist also carry specific training in sexual matters ranging from sex addictions, sexless marriages, and alternative lifestyles just to name a few. When it comes to relationships, we carry significant experience in dealing with affairs, conflict resolution, communication problems, and concerns relating to a loss of emotional or physical intimacy. 

Our goal is to provide global quality, personalized service for men, women, and couples providing quality accessibility rather than securing as many clients as possible regardless of whether or not we can assist them. Because of the priority services we offer our clients, we only accept a limited number of clients into this service each month. 


What Options Do I Have to Pay For My Sessions? 

In-Network Insurance: 

We do not take insurance. As mentioned earlier, insurance-driven models often split care between multiple providers and attempt to fit you in with low-cost providers who have little time to properly conceptualize your case or deliver quality care.  We are selective about the number of clients we take and we are careful only to accept clients that are a good match.


Additionally, privacy, and security is of utmost importance to us. We understand that individuals can carry sensitive information into the therapy room. By offering only fee-for-service concierge psychotherapy, we avoid having to share your health information with any insurance organization or other entity. This helps us promote a safer therapeutic space and keeps our clients concerns secure and confidential.  

We believe that we are born to grow and evolve to our full potential. With this in mind, our services focuses on you, not what others care to know about you for the purposes of billing.  Your concerns should be private to you and only be shared with those individuals you feel should know. 

Out-of-Network Insurance:

Your plan may carry Out-of-Network option which may cover some costs. Please check with your insurance company for specific details regarding your plan. Many PPO plans will cover between 30-75% of fees. If they do, our system will automatically generate a Superbill around the 10th of the following month after services have been rendered. You could then submit this Superbill to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.


Self-Pay or Out of Pocket:

This option ensures that your information remains between your and your therapist. As in any therapy, confidentiality limits still do apply if abuse or harm is occurring or imminent. You and your therapist collaborate and fully define your treatment goals. All major credit cards are accepted.  

Financing for Your Therapy is Now Available:

If you are needing assistance to pay for your sessions, we do offer 12 and 18 month financing. This can cover up to 10 Sessions. When we face unexpected or distressing events, the additional worry about paying for a service usually adds to our difficulties. We've removed this stressor for you and now provide finance options to help you manage through life's most difficult challenges. 

  • Allows you to receive care now and finance the rest over 12 or 18 months. 

  • Immediate care for high conflict, affairs, divorce, high anxiety, premarital, loss, & grief.

  • Does not use your current funds or credit card limits 

  • 100% Approval

  • No Credit Check

  • Rebuild Credit Score

  • Easy to Use Software/Portal

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