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Victoria Wheeler

Victoria Wheeler

Licensed Psychotherapist

• Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling
• Trauma Informed Therapist
• Individual Therapy
• Family and Couples Therapy
• Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Relationships Issues, and Grief
• Mindfulness and Client –Centered Approach
• Spanish and English
• Available Online and In-Office

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"Prioritize your mental well-being, for within it lies the key to your happiness. Embrace self-care as a vital necessity, unlocking the transformative power of genuine connections and empathic understanding"

Meet Victoria

Practice Philosophy

In my therapeutic approach, I am committed to tailoring my services to meet the unique needs of each individual client. This commitment is evident from the outset, starting with a thorough initial assessment where I delve into the client's background, history, and current concerns. Collaborating closely with the client, I work to establish goals and craft a personalized treatment plan based on their preferences.


Throughout the therapeutic journey, clients can expect several defining elements of my approach. Unwavering confidentiality, empathy, and active listening create a foundation for our work together. I maintain a nonjudgmental attitude, fostering a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings. Adopting a collaborative stance, I prioritize clear communication and provide regular feedback and check-ins to ensure the client's needs are met. Respecting autonomy is of utmost importance, and I utilize skillful interventions to address evolving therapeutic needs. I create a safe and supportive environment for clients by helping clients feel comfortable, understood, and empowered to explore their thoughts and emotions. Remembering that the therapeutic relationship is foundational to the healing process, and creating a safe and supportive environment is an ongoing and collaborative effort between myself and the client.


Therapeutic Approach & Specialties

Individual Therapy

My specialization in individual therapy allows me to connect with clients on a personal level. I find great fulfillment in guiding clients through their personal journeys, utilizing evidence-based interventions and a compassionate approach to support their growth and well-being. I am dedicated to understanding their unique needs, providing targeted interventions, and fostering a therapeutic alliance that promotes positive change. 

Couples Therapy

In my approach to couples therapy, I guide partners on a journey to strengthen their connection by delving into each other's perspectives, emotions, and needs. Recognizing that these aspects are shaped by their unique upbringing and life experiences, I create a safe and non-judgmental space for exploration. Understanding that conflicts are inherent in any relationship, I empower couples with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance communication. Facilitating the identification of resolutions that satisfy both partners, I help them navigate the inevitable challenges and find a harmonious balance in their relationship. Through this process, couples can expect to deepen their bond and foster a more fulfilling connection. Sexual Issues and Wellness

As a therapist specializing in sexual issues and wellness, my practice is dedicated to providing a safe and confidential space for individuals and couples to explore and address their unique concerns. Recognizing the importance of sexual well-being in overall mental and emotional health, I approach each client with sensitivity and non-judgment. Whether you're navigating issues related to intimacy, desire, communication, or overcoming challenges, my goal is to collaborate with you in creating a path towards sexual fulfillment and overall wellness. Through open dialogue, evidence-based interventions, and a compassionate therapeutic approach, I am committed to supporting you on your journey towards a more satisfying and empowered sexual life. Together, let's work towards achieving a healthy and fulfilling sexual well-being that contributes to your overall sense of happiness and connection.

Anxiety/Depression Healing Specializing in anxiety and depression healing, I take a holistic approach to address the interconnected aspects of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I am committed to exploring lifestyle factors, coping mechanisms, and self-care practices that contribute to anxiety relief. My approach to anxiety/depression healing involves empowering clients to regain a sense of control over their lives. I work collaboratively to develop strategies that promote autonomy and confidence in managing anxiety/depression-related challenges.

Trauma / PTSD I prioritize empathy, understanding, safety and stabilization in working with clients who have experienced trauma. I adhere to trauma-informed care principles. This means recognizing the prevalence of trauma, understanding its impact, and ensuring that my therapeutic approach is sensitive to the unique needs of individuals who have experienced trauma. My goal is to help individuals reclaim their sense of agency, rebuild their lives, and develop coping strategies that contribute to long-term healing. I am committed to creating a therapeutic relationship where clients feel seen, heard, and validated in their experiences.

MindfulnessIn my practice, I adhere to the foundational principles of mindfulness. I am committed to guiding clients in cultivating a non-judgmental and present-moment awareness that supports their journey toward greater self-discovery and inner balance. In mindfulness-focused therapy, I often incorporate practices related to mindful self-compassion. My goal is to support clients in developing a kind and nurturing relationship with themselves, fostering resilience in the face of life's challenges. LGBTQ+ In my practice, I have developed a deep cultural competence in working with the LGBTQ+ community. I am committed to understanding the nuances of diverse identities and providing affirming support that recognizes the impact of societal factors on mental health. My commitment to LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy involves creating a safer space for clients to discuss their experiences, fears, and aspirations. I am dedicated to fostering an environment where authenticity is celebrated and honored.

Family and Children Therapy A dedicated Family and Children Therapist, my approach, rooted in a personalized therapeutic methodology, is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each family member. Specializing in Family-Centered Healing, I am committed to strengthening bonds and fostering open communication within the family unit. When working with children, I implement evidence-based practices and creative interventions, placing a priority on their emotional growth and well-being. In the role of your trusted ally, I bring a warm and compassionate demeanor to support your family through challenges and transitions. Together, let's embark on a journey of healing and growth, creating a path towards a harmonious and resilient family dynamic. Empowering Motherhood and Womanhood I specialize in providing support to mothers and women navigating diverse transitions in the motherhood role. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by single mothers and those undergoing various life changes, I offer a compassionate and tailored approach to address their specific needs. Whether you're a single mother seeking guidance, a woman adapting to new motherhood experiences, finding yourself single again and co-parenting, or experiencing the transition of kids moving out of the house and embracing the role of teens or young adult children, my therapeutic support is designed to empower and nurture you through this multifaceted journey. Regardless of which part of motherhood you are going through, while also discovering aspects of yourself as a woman, I am here to support you. Together, let's navigate the intricacies of your role, fostering resilience and well-being.

Conscious Parenting Therapy Embark on a transformative Conscious Parenting Journey with me, where the focus extends beyond conventional approaches to foster mindful connections and lasting growth. As a dedicated practitioner, I guide parents in cultivating awareness, intentionality, and deep understanding in their parenting practices. Together, we explore the profound impact of conscious choices on the parent-child relationship, encouraging a nurturing environment that promotes emotional intelligence and resilience. Through personalized strategies and reflective practices, I empower parents to navigate challenges with mindfulness, fostering a harmonious and connected family dynamic. Join me on this enriching journey towards conscious and intentional parenting, where each moment becomes an opportunity for growth and connection.

Background Born in the lively city of Miami, Florida, I've navigated a journey marked by diverse experiences and academic milestones. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I spent some time in Rockland, Massachusetts, earning my Associates Degree from Massasoit Community College. Returning to my roots in Miami, I pursued and successfully attained both my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.


When I'm not working as a therapist, my life finds balance in the simple joys of gardening, the creativity of cooking, and cherished moments with loved ones. Exploring new places, meeting diverse individuals, and learning about different customs, traditions, and cuisines are sources of fulfillment for me.


In conclusion, my professional dedication stems from a firm belief in the transformative power of genuine human connection. I'm committed to providing a safe, empathetic, and collaborative space for clients to explore, heal, and thrive on their unique paths towards positive change.

Theoretical Orientations

· Mindfulness-Based Therapy
· Psychodynamic / Psychoanalytic
· CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
· Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
· EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy
· Humanistic / Person Centered
· Somatic Therapy
· Trauma Focus Therapy
· Positive Psychology
· Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
· Existential Therapy
· Insight Therapy
· Interpersonal Therapy
· Relaxation Techniques
· Rational Emotive
· Person-Centered Therapy

Areas of Focus

• ADD/ADHD Behavior Therapies
• Anxiety
• Social Anxiety
• Stress/Worry
• Mindfulness
• Grief and Loss
• Depression
• Motivation
• Self-Esteem
• Body Image
• Life Transitions (Dating, Break-ups, Relocation, School/Work)
• Relationship Issues
• Occupational Difficulties (Work-Related Stress)
• Men’s Health Issues
• Women's Health Issues
• Trauma / PTSD
• New Mothers
• Single Mothers
• Parenting

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