Our main retreats are usually twice a year. On occasion, we'll have additional retreats that may focus on a specific topic or be out of the country for an exciting transformational getaway.  For more information on upcoming retreats please sign-up to receive news on upcoming events, blogs, workshops, and retreats.  For a full outline on our retreats, please click here.

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“It was an in-depth awakening of my emotions!”
Santiago/athletics coach

“Life-changing experience! I was having a lot of trouble adjusting to some unexpected changes in my career path. This was starting to trickle into my personal life. I attended the inner-child/ Breathwork workshop to see if it would help with these difficulties. Breathwork made it easy for me to open-up and deeply explore my childhood fears of failure. I learned how to nurture the frightened child within me. This has given me the ability to face life challenges, with a more realistic outlook, and taken my relationship to another level.”

Maria -  Nurse

“Recently, I experienced a beautiful personal breakthrough.  Carolina guided me into accessing and releasing blockages that had prevented me from real and meaningful intimacy.  As a result, I feel more alive and connected to my purpose, to life and to others.”

“The weekend retreat was amazing. Thank you for making my transformative journey an easier and more enlightened path. Felt so much love.”
Sharon – Web Designer

“I had never had anything open me up so much as what I felt during the retreat.  I had been caring blocks for years that kept me in fear and I feel I finally let go of these barriers.  I feel like I can finally be honest with myself and others after this experience.”  
Lourdes – Therapist

“Thank you to Carolina and Max, through the lectures and exercises it’s allowed me to get a better understanding of myself.   This weekend experience has been quite powerful. I’m incredibly grateful for the job that both of you are doing.” 
Nate – Legal Industry

“I had so many aha moments over the weekend retreat. I feel I was able to let go of so many things that were weighing me down in my life.” 
Jay – Computer programmer

“I learned for the first time that there are other ways of healing that can be so much more graceful and loving with myself in such a beautiful way.”
Kary – Hospitality Management

“Her breathwork sessions are incredible, and after every hour spent with her you feel lighter, happier and inspired to become a better version of yourself.” 
Cami – Events

“I attended one or Carolina's weekend workshops and found it both enlightening and fun.  The exercises she gave us quickly revealed some of my "stuck" points and her depth of knowledge made the communication and understanding of the material she presented easy and clear.  It's obvious that Carolina is deeply passionate about therapy in general, men's issues more specifically, and helping others to evolve into their best self.  Highly recommended!”
Damon - Consulting

"My life has significantly changed after the retreat with Max and Carolina. I have finally been able to start moving forward in the areas that I was stuck and frustrated in my life. I have been finally letting go  of fears that did not allow me to find peace in my life.  I am incredibly thankful for the work they do.  I think everyone needs to gift their selves this retreat and experience it for themselves."
Andrea - Realtor