Helpful information about the process of therapy as a journey to self-love

Treat yourself to the holistic approach to improve your cognitive , emotional, and/or sexual wellness as an individual or as a couple with a qualified relationship expert, licensed psychotherapist & sex therapist. The relationship you have with yourself and others is the essential to living life fully. Relationships can be a vehicle for growth and healing when you look within and learn the necessary tools for change to happen.


The treatment process can widely vary depending on your commitment,  goals, adherence, willingness and presenting concerns.

Expected Commitment

Most experts work with individuals once a week. During an approximately 50 minute to 1-hour session, individuals will go through traditional talk therapy. There may be some sessions which may be longer. For example, initial sessions with couples generally require a 2-hour session. Most of the time, couples often wait too long to go to therapy and are in severe conflict or are disconnected at the time they seek therapy. A 2-hour session allows us to hear both individuals, understand the dynamics, and attempt to come up with a plan before they leave their first session. Besides the 50min-1 Hour sessions, Dr. Carolina Pataky also offers 3 Day Intensives for those individuals or couples that are looking to dive deep within their nurturing, healing journey and invest in themselves .

What kind of therapy or modality will be used? 

We do not accept insurace. Our wellness team  gets away from the medical model to an approach that understands that as holistic beings we live out external circumstances that are beyond our control, within a context of internal experiences . We look at the individual within its system from a  spiritual, emotional, cognitive, sexual, and physical being living out inner and outer experiences that sometimes cause fragmented parts when the experience has been overwhelming. Because of that, when we have been neglecting one part of our being we start suffering and must then get the help to heal the fractured parts our lives to feel whole again. Our approach is holistic and has been proven to have undeniable results. 



Ponce de Leon



 Visit us at our Ponce de Leon location, right in the heart of Coral Gables. This location is literally steps away from amazing area restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Complimentary 
parking is included.

Miami Beach

Visit us at the Carillon Miami Beach Resort and Spa, where we can take advantage of the beautiful resort spaces, including quiet outside areas, gardens, beach, or in the privacy of our office. After your session, enjoy the rest of your day at the spa, on us. Valet parking is also included.

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