• Breathwork Facilitator

• Sound Healer

• BA in Psychology 

• Blogger

• Fluent in Spanish & English

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The breath can help guide you to better understand the nature of who you truly are. 


— Nathalie Vega, Breathwork Facilitator


Nathalie Vega

Nathalie Vega is a BeLove breathwork facilitator, blogger, and sound healer. 


Nathalie has facilitated and assisted BeLove Breathwork sessions with individuals & groups in hopes that the experience would be life-altering and create long-lasting positive improvements in the lives of others. 


Nathalie received her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. As a psychology and therapy junkie, Nathalie, found her passion of helping others through her own personal inner work of psychotherapy and healing modalities: BeLove Breathwork & sound healing.  


Nathalie provides individual sessions or can facilitate for your own group within 7 miles of the Coconut Grove area.  Feel free to EMAIL Nathalie within questions you may have. 


1-3 Individuals $150

$30 each additional person.

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Meditation Class

Nathalie works with individuals & couples. She has a very caring and sweet way of holding space for her clients.
Speciality Areas:
Adolescents, Teens, Millennials, LGBTQ, Anxiety, Women's Issues, Men's Issues, Relationship Issues.
Text Nathalie directly with any questions: 305-793-0048