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Meet Max 

• NLP Coach: Life Transitions 
 Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology

• Master's in Clinical Psychology

• Relationship and Intimacy Coach

• Breathwork Facilitator

• Retreat Facilitator


Meet Max | NLP Coach at Love Discovery Institute | Miami Beach


Relationship and Intimacy Coach in Miami, FL

Practice Philosophy:

Sharing our story, asking for help, and taking steps toward positive growth is not always a comfortable process. However, embarking on a process of healing, growth, or discovery can be one of the most important and courageous decisions we'll ever make. Some individuals find healing through a better understanding and exploration of their past. Others may work with someone to improve their relational dynamics or identify unhealthy patterns in their life. And still, for others, a process of discovery can serve as an opportunity to unravel current and complex situational concerns. Whatever the journey, working with a therapist or a coach can provide a safe place to process, increase our ability to manage our emotions, and nourish more love into our lives. 

I believe that we all carry a story that deserves a voice and a comprehensive exploration. My approach integrates relational and emotionally focused techniques to help foster connection and change. At the individual level, this translates to a greater sense of worth, improved motivation, less anxiety, healthier relationships, improved insight, and a space for creativity and passions to grow. At the relational level, my approach places an emphasis on actionable techniques to help those improve relationship satisfaction, develop healthier communication styles, and effectively manage interpersonal stress. I also assist individuals and couples learn how to develop transparency and authenticity, and enhance their connection.  


I am deeply grateful to be in the service of valiant and introspective individuals. The process of healing or self-actualization is different for everyone, but each day I am given an opportunity to collaborate with clients, and we are both presented with new opportunities to enrich our experiences and nurture our lives in profoundly rewarding ways. I look forward to helping clients embark on the beautiful journey of discovery. 


Individuals: Anxiety and Depression, Work Stress and Challenges, Career Development, Assertiveness Training, Men's Issues, Dating, Breakups, Mindfulness, , College and Graduate Students, Cultural and Societal Pressures. 

Couples: Max has completed Gottman Method Level I and II training. He often integrates assessments to help couples quickly identify their underlying gridlocks and implement solutions to attain healthier communication styles. His work focuses on managing relational conflict, deepening connection, healing through affairs, and learning how to set healthy boundaries. Max also works with couples and families involved in business together. 


Max Riv has devoted his work to assisting both individuals and couples heal, process, and nurture their lives and relationships. Max earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida International University and his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. He is currently in pursuit of his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Max is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach and a Navy Veteran. He has held Director positions at the corporate level for companies generating billions of dollars in revenue and is deeply familiar with the culture and pressures associated with work stressful and competitive environments. Max works with various venues around the world to facilitate retreats and workshops. 

Meet Max | Doctoral Candidate, NLP | Love Discovery Institute | Miami Beach

"Finding yourself requires stepping into parts of yourself that you may not see. Ownership of that space requires you to let it all go.” 


— Max Riv, Co-Founder

• Certified NLP Coach

• Co-Creator of BeLove Methods

• Relationship and Intimacy Coach

• TV/Radio/Web Personality

• Doctoral Psychology Student at NSU

• Breathwork Practitioner

• Blogger, Coach & Therapy Junkie


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 Max Riv | Relationship & Intimacy Coach | Love Discovery Institute | Miami
 Max Riv | Relationship & Intimacy Coach | Love Discovery Institute | Miami

Max is currently coaching individual and couples. He is also running groups, workshops and retreats for the Love Discovery Institute. 


Phone: 305.206.2875

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