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Meet Our Team

• Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

• Licensed Mental Health Counselors

• Licensed Clinical Social Workers
• Relationship Coaches and Facilitators

• Board Certified Sex Therapists
• Clinical Sexologists

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Are you looking to

heal an emotional wound?

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Private sessions are designed to address your unique story. Customized to your needs and aspirations. Through a series of  1-ON-1 sessions, you will gain unprecedented insight into your life and a deeper understanding of your core self. By exploring the subtleties that have defined your past story, you are able break free from limiting beliefs and/or self limiting patterns. This new awareness provides a superior power of discernment and allows you to recreate a fulfilling life and relationship story.   



Sometimes life can send us experiences that may feel unfair, hard, and exhausting. These can be especially challenging when we attempt to deal with them on our own. However, individual therapy can be for those that are wanting to grow and understand themselves better. We live in a society that unfortunately does not teach us to love ourselves. Therapy helps you move from fear to love. Love for yourself in  body, mind and spirit. It starts with recognizing that you need the individual care to learn the necessary tools for your happiness. We will assist, support, guide and teach you everything you'll need for your healing or personal discovery. When we start aligning our body, mind and spirit, our capacity for compassion and love expands. As a result our relationships to ourselves and others become extraordinary. This process also relieves individuals from anxiety, angst, depression, spiritual crisis, fears, anger, loneliness, or unfulfilled lives. When we start healing ourselves, everything else follows.  

Evidenced-Based Approach

  • Private and Personalized 

  • Deepen understanding of self & purpose

  • Break free from past patterns & obstacles

  • Integrate your whole self: mind, spirit, body

  • Free yourself from feelings of "not being enough" or "something missing" 

  • Increase personal awareness + personal power


Change is the only constant in life. Whether you’re going through a break up, divorce, new employment, relocation, quarter-life or mid-life change, life-transition therapy will support you. Transform the stress and emotional pain from the strain into an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. Start moving through life with more ease and acceptance, giving you clarity, peace, and understanding while creating the space required to create the life you are wanting to obtain or the relationships you deserve.

Trauma, Depression, Anxiety Therapy

The mind and body stores impressions from all of the events that have occurred in your life - both good and bad. If you find yourself repeating old behaviors, ruminating about the past, recycling the same negative emotions, or experiencing the same unwanted results, trauma-focused therapy will help you to resolve what's at the root of the issue. Through this process, you can begin to restore peace, vitality and wholeness. Trauma can happen early in life or during recent experiences such as infidelities, taxing relationships, or after a break-up. Clearing these traumas, can help us open up to healthy loving realtionships.  

Divorce/Break-Up Therapy

The ending to any relationship is one of the most painful experiences we can have. Divorce and break-up therapy can help guide you through this loss. It’s so important to have someone help you through this painful time. Recovery from the end of a relationship can take some time. Having a therapist by your side to help you address your emotions, as well as the new changes in your life can be incredibly helpful and remind you that you’re not going through this alone. It may not have been what you wanted, or what you expected to happen, but this serves as a great growth opportunity to learn to love and care for yourself. Allowing therapy to guide you will lead you to a place that is manageable even when the ending feels debilitating. This will ensure your breakup, becomes a process healing and expansive growth. 

Ponce de Leon



 Visit us at our Ponce de Leon location, right in the heart of Coral Gables. This location is literally steps away from amazing area restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Complimentary 
parking is included.

Miami Beach

Visit us at the Carillon Miami Beach Resort and Spa, where we can take advantage of the beautiful resort spaces, including quiet outside areas, gardens, beach, or in the privacy of our office. After your session, enjoy the rest of your day at the spa, on us. Valet parking is also included.

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