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Havening Techniques 

Healing Trauma

Discover a unique, self-soothing modality used to help individuals heal trauma, PTSD, and reduce anxiety.   

Havening Techniques

The Havening Technique was developed by neuroscientist Ronald Ruden, Ph.D., as a form of trauma therapy. It uses a gentle touch of the upper arms, hands, and face, along with constructive messaging, to create new healthy neural pathways and replace negative pathways that developed due to stressful life experiences, putting healthier responses and emotions in their place. On a neurological level, havening helps shift the brain into the parasympathetic mode and a more relaxed state while processing negative memories. It does this in part by boosting oxytocin, a hormone that is normally conjured up by human touch and bonding. This approach supports individuals in regulating their nervous system by using the Havening Touch to assist with managing and reducing the intensity of distressing emotions and distressing feelings.


Individuals who may have suffered a past trauma or have had difficulty managing their emotional spectrum may be strong candidates for Havening. When we learn to effectively soothe our body and create corrective intentions towards our stressful events, we can shift the way our body responds. In the majority of cases, trauma is stored in our body and psyche causing us to react to similar events in the future.


Previous events are essentially triggered when new events which may appear to be different, are actually still maintained in the body and mind. We may address these novel events with the same emotional and physiological response systems which intrinsically keep us in a perpetual cycle of anxiety. Our anxiety is essentially a defense mechanism to keep us alert and in defense of what may happen. This is one of the primary reasons why abuse or trauma is often so difficult to heal.


Until we can learn to address this defense with greater comfort, we can’t step away from the anxiety and fear we may feel at potentially reexperiencing another trauma. Havening Techniques present a unique opportunity to heal these deeper wounds with more grace, care, and love. These were the elements that were most needed during a traumatic experience and can now be used to reprocess past events and guide you through new challenges with more self-compassion.

If you are looking to work with a Havening therapist, please select Janet Bayramyan on the booking schedule platform to begin working with her. You may also learn more about Janet here.

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