BeLove Breathwork Journey


If you're ready to begin transforming your life, breathwork is a beautiful way to explore your inner self. Let one of guides help you or a your small group dive deep into the subconscious and explore the depths of your being. Let go and be free of every day worries, fears, limitations and blocks that keep us feeling unfulfilled, alone, and dissatisfied.  

Breathwork is done in the comfort and safety of your home, studio, or workplace. Book now to set up a profound transpersonal experience. Get ready to unlock higher levels on consciousness, inner growth and our powerful connection to the universe.


DISCLAIMER:If you have a heart related condition, please consult your doctor for clearance. Also if you suffer from seizures, osteoporosis or are pregnant, or have had a recent surgery, breathwork is not recommended. 

Discover your soul.

1-3 Individuals

2 Hours

Great for individuals, couples or friends.



4 Individuals

2 Hours

Great for small groups or pairs.



5-6 Individuals

2 Hours

Medium groups of up to 6.



Breathwork Practitioners

Dr. Carolina Pataky

Nathalie Vega

Max Riv

Ph. 786.571.4636 

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