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Breathwork at Love Discovery Institute:
A Journey of Healing and Transformation

Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic tool that can facilitate profound personal growth and transformation. At Love Discovery Institute, we offer breathwork sessions facilitated by experienced psychotherapists, combining the principles of various breathwork models with the depth of psychological understanding. This approach allows us to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their inner selves, release suppressed emotions, and heal from past traumas.

Holotropic Breathwork: A Deep Dive into Consciousness

Holotropic breathwork, a technique developed by Stanislav Grof, is a form of breathwork that uses prolonged, fast-paced breathing to induce altered states of consciousness. During a holotropic breathwork session, individuals are guided to use specific breathing techniques to induce a state of altered consciousness. In this state, individuals can access deeper levels of their subconscious mind, uncovering insights and experiences that can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.

The process of holotropic breathwork can be intense, as it often brings up suppressed emotions and memories. However, with the guidance of a trained psychotherapist, individuals can safely navigate these experiences, processing and integrating them in a way that promotes healing and growth.

Breathwork Models: A Comprehensive Approach to Healing and Transformation

At Love Discovery Institute, we incorporate four primary models of breathwork into our practice: the relational model, the energy model, the regulation model, and the consciousness model. Each of these models offers unique benefits and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

Relational Model of Breathwork

Breathing is not just an individual process, but a social and communal one as well. Our breathing patterns are influenced by those around us, beginning in the womb and continuing throughout our lives. In the relational model of breathwork, we recognize that our breath can become tied up in defensive relational strategies, especially when strong emotions are present.

Our psychotherapists are trained to use their own regulated breathing as a direct intervention, serving as a 'respirational' repair strategy. By maintaining a calm and regulated breathing pattern, we can help our clients navigate conflicts and difficult emotions without resorting to more primitive defensive strategies.

Energy Model of Breathwork

The energy model of breathwork focuses on using conscious breathing to re-establish waves or pulsations of fluids and gases in the body, supporting a natural state of vitality and energy. This model is often associated with feeling and expressing emotions, particularly those that allow one to experience them more intensely.

We incorporate techniques such as the Hendricks' ‘charged breathing’ practice, which alternates more energetic breathing with calming and integrating breathing. These practices can help unblock physical and psychological tensions, allowing a flow of natural and pleasurable experience.

Regulation Model of Breathwork

The regulation model of breathwork uses conscious breathing as a way to help a client stay within their ‘window of tolerance’ both on an emotional level and a physiological level. In this model, breath is paired to a state in which the client is able to pay good attention to their current state and to stay mobilized and empowered within it.

Our psychotherapists are trained to guide clients through this process, helping them to regulate their emotional and physiological states through conscious breathing. This can help clients to function more effectively in their sessions and in their everyday lives.

Consciousness Model of Breathwork

The consciousness model of breathwork is rooted in the belief that conscious breathing can elicit mindfulness, expanded awareness, and spiritual connection. This model often involves slowing down and paying close attention to the nuances of the inhale and exhale, promoting a state of deep meditation and connection with the divine spirit.

We incorporate practices from this model into our sessions, helping clients to lessen fear and anxiety, train their attention, and achieve higher states of consciousness. These practices can lead to a clear mind and body, allowing for profound personal growth and transformation.

The Value of Professional Guidance: Therapy and Breathwork

While breathwork can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and healing, it is important to note that it should be facilitated by a trained professional. At Love Discovery Institute, our breathwork sessions are facilitated by experienced psychotherapists, not coaches or "spiritual healers".

Our psychotherapists have a deep understanding of the psychological processes involved in breathwork, and they are trained to provide safe and effective guidance. They are skilled at creating a supportive and nurturing environment, allowing individuals to explore their inner selves in a safe and comfortable setting.


Breathwork is a powerful tool for self-exploration and healing, and we are honored to guide you on this journey. If you're ready to begin transforming your life, we invite you to book a session with us today.

DISCLAIMER:If you have a heart related condition, please consult your doctor for clearance. Also if you suffer from seizures, osteoporosis or are pregnant, or have had a recent surgery, breathwork is not recommended. 


1-3 Individuals

2 Hours

Great for individuals, couples or friends.




4 Individuals

2 Hours

Great for small groups or pairs.




5-6 Individuals

2 Hours

Medium groups of up to 6.



Breathwork Practitioners


Dr. Carolina Pataky


Nathalie Vega


Max Riv

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